Ghost Recon Wildlands is getting a free-play weekend to celebrate Ghost War launch

Yesterday, Ghost Recon Wildlands’ new PvP mode Ghost War officially launched, adding a brand new competitive dynamic into the game’s usual PvE-focused gameplay. Ubisoft clearly wants as many players to give Ghost War a try as it can, since it has announced a free-play weekend for the game that will apply to both PC and consoles.

From tomorrow, October 12, until Sunday, October 15, anyone will be able to download and play Ghost Recon Wildlands. The PC version can be pre-loaded now so that you’re ready to hop in as soon as the free-play weekend begins, and Ubisoft is also slashing the price for all versions of Ghost Recon Wildlands by 50 percent so you can buy it on the cheap if you like what you see during the free-play period.

Ubisoft also said in the free-play weekend press announcement that it will be expanding the Ghost War PvP experience in the coming months by adding in new character classes, maps, and game modes. The entire PvP experience will also be continuously monitored and balance changes will be made as player feedback dictates.