Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Ghost War thermal vision has been toned down in new patch

Ubisoft officially launched Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Ghost War PvP mode earlier this month, and ever since the mode’s launch players have complained about the overpowered nature of the Thermal Vision perk available to certain classes, a perk which easily outshined many other perks that were available. Now, with its most recent patch, Ghost War’s “thermal camping” has been officially done away with.

According to the patch notes for the new patch (which brings the game up to version 8.2), Thermal Vision is now only available to Support classes and it can only be used while the player is piloting a drone, making it a lot more balanced since drones can only be used for a limited time period. Since Thermal Vision is now a Support class perk, Ubisoft also shifted the Quick Hands perk over to the multiclass category, which means any class can now use it.

In the above patch notes update, Ubisoft also confirmed it plans to release two additional patches for Ghost War in November. The first patch will focus more on fixing existing issues, but the second will add in some new content in the form of a new playable class, a new game mode, and several new maps. Ubisoft says it will have more details on those new content additions soon.