Dec 12, 2016
Platforms: PS4, Xbox, PC (Reviewed) Ubisoft’s latest releases have been geared towards hardcore, shooter-driven gameplay. Steep, on the other hand, allows gamers to relax, enjoy the slopes, and give their eyes a break. Ubisoft supplies us with a wildly extensive world that easily takes a page from their other open-world exploration games. Based on the Alps, you can explore the huge area by either snowboard, skiis, wingsuit, or paragliding. Think of SSX , but with upgraded physics, graphics, and an actual story line. Sit back and enjoy the scenery…just watch out for that tree! steep1.jpg You...Read More

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Oct 28, 2016
Ubisoft has announced that its upcoming open-world snow sports game Steep will be getting two beta weekends next month, allowing fans who are...