Fortnite: Everything you need to know about playing as Thanos

Epic Games has taken the superhero theme of Fortnite’s fourth content season to a whole new level by introducing a limited-time Avengers: Infinity War crossover event that allows Battle Royale players to harness the unbridled power of the mad titan Thanos. Below, we have included all the relevant information you need about what the event entails, how you can participate, and, most importantly, how you can become Thanos and bring destruction to your opponents.

Battle Royale Mashup

While the event is live, Battle Royale players can join a special ‘Infinity Gauntlet Mashup’ playlist that only allows for solo queuing. In most regards, Infinity Gauntlet matches play out like standard Battle Royale matches, only with one major difference: a meteor will crash-land during the early moments of the match, bringing with it the titular Infinity Gauntlet.

The first player to pick up the gauntlet will be transformed into Thanos, gaining access to a slew of powerful abilities. If the Thanos player is killed, they’ll drop the gauntlet, allowing another player to claim its destructive power. The gauntlet will despawn if it goes unclaimed for too long and will remain unavailable until another meteor crashes.

Along with the presence of the Infinity Gauntlet, the Mashup playlist also features a few other unique parameters. Players will only find Rare, Epic, and Legendary weapons, treasure chests, floor loot, launch pads, and ammo boxes will spawn with increased frequency.

Players will also harvest double the usual amount of building resources and special items like Chug Jugs and Boogie Bombs will drop more often, plus items like standard grenades and bandages will drop less frequently. A full list of changes can be found courtesy of the version 4.1 patch notes.

Playing As Thanos

If you’re lucky enough to secure the Infinity Gauntlet for yourself, your default Battle Royale avatar will be transformed into Thanos, allowing you to take advantage of a powerful suite of abilities and bonuses. As Thanos, you won’t be invincible, but you’ll be dangerous enough that regular players will think twice about picking a fight with you (at least if they’re alone).

Active Abilities

While playing as Thanos, you won’t be able to use your standard weapons and abilities. Instead, you’ll be given access to four active abilities that are unique to the mad titan:

  • A mighty punch that knocks enemies back and destroys structures.
  • Thanos flies towards the ground, hitting an area for knockback and damage.
  • Harness the energy of the Power stone to fire a blast that deals damage over time.
  • A super-jump that can vault Thanos over all but the largest obstructions.

Passive Abilities

Along with not being able to use standard weapons, Thanos cannot build structures, though with his enhanced movement capabilities he hardly needs them. Thanos is immune to all falling damage and he also has both shields and a health gauge. Anytime Thanos eliminates another player, a portion of his shields will be restored, though Thanos players are encouraged to exhibit caution when his shields are depleted since any health lost while playing as Thanos is gone for good.

Save the World

The version 4.1 patch that heralds the coming of Thanos in Battle Royale also includes some changes for Fortnite’s Save the World PvE mode. Along with a sizeable list of bug fixes and tweaks, Save the World players can purchase a new light machine gun variant called ‘HackSAW’ that sports excellent ammo efficiency, a moderate rate of fire, mild recoil, and a long reload time. The HackSAW variant will be available in the Save the World Weekly Store as of Wednesday, May 9 at 8pm EST (5pm PST).

Granted, a new light machine gun and some bug fixes aren’t as exciting as getting to crush your enemies as the unstoppable god Thanos, but it’s better than nothing.

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