Fortnite returns with a new chapter and a new map

After two days of being nothing but a black hole and driving children crazy, Fortnite has returned. The game went offline on Sunday afternoon with an in-game cutscene propelling players into the sky where they watched a black hole consume the entire game.

For the next day or so, players logging in would only see the black hole and all of Fortnite’s social channels went dark.

Then this morning, Fortnite returned with a new chapter, a new map and a launch trailer that featured new weapons, a boat, and lakes and rivers players can swim in. Existing weapons have also been changed, with some of the more powerful and exotic options removed entirely. In general, it seems like the beginning of Chapter 2 may be intended to feel truly like a "beginning," rather than the complex, intricate jumble that late Chapter 1 Fortnite could often be.

In an interesting move, Epic hasn't yet revealed any official patch or change notes for the game, meaning players are collaborating on places like reddit, comparing notes and discoveries about what has changed in the biggest game in the world.

Check out the trailer below: