Five things Nintendo needs to bring to E3

With E3 just days away, we can't help but think what kind of game plan the "big three" – Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft – have. After all, it's the kind of show where the biggest surprises are unveiled, whether it's new hardware, a killer new IP (like Splatoon) or the return of a familiar favorite.

This time around, we're focusing on Nintendo, which is on the verge of introducing a new system next year with the much-rumored "NX." That makes this year probably the biggest we'll see yet for the Wii U, since Nintendo is still considering that its highest-regarded platform (next to the "new" Nintendo 3DS, anyway).

So here are five things that Nintendo should have in tow for E3, and ready to go at its booth, or during its Digital presentation.

A New Legend of Zelda Trailer

Nintendo has already confirmed that the new Legend of Zelda game for Wii U won't be present at E3 this year, as the team is still hard at work on making it the best game in the series to date. Still, it's a good time for the company to present a new trailer that features actual gameplay footage, as well as a hint of what kind of gameplay perks will be added, whether it's being able to float down from distant heights, or using new weaponry to knock enemies into next week. For that matter, we wouldn't mind seeing Ganon again, just because, well, he's Ganon.

A Hint of Its Mobile Future

Nintendo already announced its partnership with DeNA earlier this year, bringing its properties to the mobile front for the very first time. With its debut game set to arrive later this year, E3 seems like the proper place to debut the title, whether it's a new Mario offering or something featuring another of its famous characters. Though it probably won't get as much attention as, say, Mario Maker, it'll still be good to see what Nintendo has in mind for iOS and Android devices when its plan gets underway around the holiday season.

StarFox, With Multiplayer

We know that Nintendo's StarFox game for Wii U will take center stage, but now we just need more details in terms of what's going on with it. Is Platinum Games (Bayonetta 2) behind its development? Will we see some form of multiplayer along the lines of StarFox 64? Will the LandMaster return? There are so many unanswered questions, but Nintendo will hopefully have some form of multiplayer set-up with the game (similarly to what it did with last year's Splatoon debut), where players can go at it, get used to the new controls, and, most importantly, blast Slippy into another dimension. "Fooooooooox!"

A New Metroid

Many people are begging Nintendo for all sorts of franchises, but if any one of them needed to return, it has to be Metroid. After all, the series kind of left a sour taste in the mouths of gamers with the underdeveloped Metroid: Other M, so it's about time that Retro Studios stepped back in and made a first-person adventure game that's right up there with the Prime greats. And what better system than the Wii U, with online capability and a control scheme that's custom built for shooting action? Make it happen, big N.

A Hint of the NX

Okay, so we won't get an "NX" announcement until next year, that's a given. But that shouldn't stop Nintendo from providing a brief idea of what we're in for with its next console, whether it's a peak at the prototype or a video with Shigeru Miyamoto explaining what the team has in mind for the game. Give us something to look forward to next year before we enjoy your line-up next year – and leave us hungry for 2016. That's the way to do it.