Five features I want to see in Destiny 2

Now that Bungie is officially winding down development on Destiny in favor of an upcoming sequel which is set to be released this year, I thought now is as good a time as ever to look over the original Destiny and think about what sorts of changes I’d want to see implemented in the sequel. Below, I have listed five features I would like to either see added to or tweaked for the sequel since I feel such changes would help to bolster its appeal and, hopefully, enhance its longevity.

Strikes with Dynamic Difficulty Scaling

It’s nice that Destiny’s PvE strikes only require three players to do, but Destiny’s lackluster mid-game matchmaking system can quickly turn an otherwise typical strike into a frustrating chore if, for whatever reason, one or two players quit out. If the upcoming sequel isn’t going to be making improvements in that area, another solution could be the implementation of scaled strike encounters which adjust to the number of players participating.

In order to prevent abuse, the scaling would only occur whenever a checkpoint was loaded (so that, for instance, it wouldn’t happen in the middle of a battle or boss fight) and it would only activate after a group had been in a strike for a certain period of time or reached a certain point in the strike (meaning solo players couldn’t just farm strikes by themselves). Since strikes are such a key part of Destiny’s PvE component, lowering the risk of having honest players punished because their teammates decided to leave would be a very sensible decision in my book.

Matchmaking-Friendly Raids

I understand that Destiny’s raids are meant to be challenges designed for the elite among Destiny’s PvE community, but it’s still a real bummer knowing that, as a casual player who really doesn’t have a lot of time or inclination to manually form up player groups, I will pretty much never get to experience them myself (at least not while they’re relevant content). Games like World of Warcraft have proven that it is possible to create raid experiences that are matchmaking-friendly, I just hope Bungie takes such a page out of Blizzard’s book for the Destiny sequel.

Space Exploration Gameplay

There’s a surprisingly deep roster of different ships which Destiny players can collect and equip, but aside from admiring the ship when in orbit or showing it off to friends during the lead-in to combat activities, ships don’t really serve that much use. For the Destiny sequel, I’d really like to be able to do something, anything with my ship, even if it was just getting to scout out new planets or participate in an on-rails shooting mini-game like what Star Wars: The Old Republic players can do with their ships. It feels like such a wasted opportunity, having all these cool ship models and not being able to really do anything with them.

Customizable Weapon/Armor Skins

Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion introduced weapon ornaments which allow players to customize the look of their favorite Exotic tier weapons to a degree, but the ornaments system is still incredibly limited when compared to the item customization/transmogrification systems found in other games like the previously mentioned World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic. I understand Bungie has always been against the idea of calling Destiny an MMO, but if there’s one MMO element I desperately wish the Destiny sequel would adopt, it’s a system which truly allowed players to customize the look of their Guardian’s armor and weapons.

Along those same lines, making alternate weapon skins easier to unlock wouldn’t be a bad idea either since, in their current iteration, weapon ornaments are pretty hard to come by and they really only affect Exotic endgame weapons. 

Permanent SRL Game Mode

Bungie no doubt made a lot of Sparrow Racing League fans happy when it added the SRL to Destiny’s private PvP matches feature, but it still wasn’t exactly what I’m sure most SRL fans really wanted: a permanent SRL mode that isn’t only available during limited-time events. A permanent SRL mode wouldn’t just be a fun change of pace from the usual Destiny PvP offerings, it would also be a worthy alternative for earning new gear and other rewards, especially if it was expanded to include its own line of permanent bounties and maybe even quests. It could also serve as a springboard from which Bungie could create other PvP offshoots which moved beyond the usual firearms-based modes.

There are many other ways in which Bungie could refine the Destiny experience for the upcoming sequel, if you have any of your own, share them in the comments below!