For the first time ever, Street Fighter is not the most popular EVO game

For as long as there has been an EVO, Street Fighter (or a Street Fighter spinoff) has always been the headlining game. In fact, the event that we now know as the fighting game Olympics originally started explicitly as a Street Fighter tournament. However, the tables seem to have turned this year.

Not only has Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite been denied a slot at EVO but Street Fighter V isn’t the tournament’s biggest game. In a recent EVO leaderboard update, Joey Cuellar, AKA Mr. Wizard, the “Head Honcho” of EVO, noted that Street Fighter V isn’t taking the number one slot in registration this year. That honor goes to Dragon Ball FighterZ the 3v3 anime fighter that took the world by storm earlier this year, the very same game that kicked MVCI out of its slot.

After DBFZ (and by a large gap if you believe one of his earlier posts) is Street Fighter V, followed by Tekken 7. Super Smash Bros. Melee comes in at number 4, lower than it has been in previous years. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle comes in at number five, rising through the ranks after its recent release. Finally we have Smash 4 at number 6, Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2 at number 7, and Injustice 2 at number 8.

This leaderboard shows us quite a few things. For one, it shows that the Netherrealm fanbase was really counting on MK11 to be announced this year, as Injustice 2 is losing steam. It also shows that Arc System Works is largely competing with themselves, as Guilty Gear has fallen quite a bit in popularity, only to be outshined by its fellow ASW games, DBFZ and BBCTAG.