The first major expansion for Dauntless goes live on December 8

Developer Phoenix Labs has officially unveiled ‘Sharpen Your Skills,’ the first major content update for its monster-slaying MMO Dauntless which will go live in just a few short days.

According to a new developer preview video (which you can watch below), the Sharpen Your Skills update will introduce the following features:

  • Two brand new Behemoths to hunt: the lumbering monstrosity Skarn, and the airborne assassin Kharabak.
  • The new War Pike weapon which functions as a close-range pike/long-range rocket launcher hybrid.
  • A new Cell customization system which allows players to customize their armor and weapons with special Cell augments.
  • The new ‘Frostfall’ winter event which includes special seasonal challenges and rewards.
  • Updates to the matchmaking and progression systems which make it easier to embark on hunts and make the hunts themselves more rewarding.
  • An expanded character creation system which adds new cosmetic customization options.

The Sharpen Your Skills update is scheduled to launch this upcoming Friday, December 8. Dauntless is currently in early access and only available via the purchase of a founder’s pack, but the full game (which is due to launch next year) will be entirely free-to-play.