Fire Emblem: Three Houses: The changes and unlocks in New Game +

So you’ve finally beaten Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Congratulations! You’ve seen about a fourth of the content discovered in the game so far, not counting DLC. If you want to see the rest of the story, you are going to have to embark on this journey again in New Game + mode.

You might be wondering “why make a guide to New Game +?” We all know the deal by now. Start a new game and keep all the stuff you had in your previous run, right?

Well Three Houses doesn’t make it quite that simple. They put just a few extra complications and roadblocks in your way that strangely make New Game + runs far more engaging than simply carrying over your stats and items.

Here is our guide for getting the most out of Three Houses interesting take on New Game +.


In a first run of Fire Emblem: Three Houses renown is just a strange side resource that you can spend at four Saint Statues for small buffs to your party. It was easy to ignore and was unlocked so late in the run that it only had a minimal impact on gameplay.

In New Game +, this completely changes.

First of all, your Saint Statue levels carry over, and those small buffs like EXP gain +10% really add up over the course of an entire run.

Second, your unspent renown carries over and you can now spend renown at your journal to unlock anything you have unlock almost anything you unlocked in a previous run. For example, you can spend renown to increase your skill levels provided you actually reached that skill level in a prior run. You can spend renown to unlock abilities you have learned from classes you mastered in previous runs. You can spend renown to increase support levels in order to make characters easier to recruit.

But most importantly, you can spend renown to increase your Professor Level. This is by far the MOST important way to spend renown. In your first run, you’d be struggling to instruct one or two characters and have very little time to spend while exploring the monastery. Dumping all your renown into Professor Level gives you 10 time units to spend while exploring, seven to spend while instructing, and three to spend while battling. The time pressure just melts away, and that’s a good thing, because you will be spending a lot of that time building more renown.

There are limited opportunities to earn renown in any given run. The amount of renown you gain is automatically increased in a New Game + file, so that’s a nice little perk. Primarily you earn renown by finishing quests and clearing battles (story battles, paralogues, and auxiliary battles as long as they cost battle points).

Since you now have all the time in the world, time isn’t what you are optimizing anymore. Renown income is. You’ll have to work on maximizing your renown while simultaneously completing all your other tasks as well. This makes New Game + runs more battle centric as spending free time battling will get you a lot of renown, provided you maxed your Professor Level.

What should you spend your renown on? Well that depends on whether or not you plan to see all the routes. If you are going to New Game + again, then you probably should try to max out every Saint Statue or at the very least, raise each statue to their penultimate level (EXP +10%) as soon as you can. This will give you a number of permanent bonuses for every run. The final level of each statue, which increases your stat cap, is really only something you’ll need for lunatic mode runs and extra DLC.

Other than that, one of the best ways to spend renown is on character recruitment.


One of the most common goals in New Game + runs is recruiting every character available to you. This is extremely tedious and nearly impossible in a normal run, but it’s much easier with the power of renown.

Raising a support rank with a character costs 400 renown. Remember that raising support ranks to B will give characters a random chance to just ask to join your class in off days. Raising a support rank to A (something you normally can’t do without renown during the recruitment phase) will guarantee that characters will join you when you ask.

The most efficient way to recruit characters is to raise as many as possible to rank B. You can do this through renown and through your actions in free time. You’ll be able to get so many of them to rank B early on that they will just trickle into your house over the course of the run. Of course, any character you absolutely want right now may be worth spending the 400 extra points on for the rank A auto recruit.

Some characters from other houses will be unable to reach rank B before the time skip. These will have to be recruited the old-fashioned way, by raising your stats and skill levels. You’ll want a stat of 15+ and a skill level of C or higher to recruit these characters. However, getting their support level to C at least reduces these requirements. Remember you can spend renown to increase your skill levels quickly, but otherwise you can use your massive amount of free time to get faculty training that will get you closer to meeting these recruitment requirements.

Finally, remember that the cut-off for recruiting characters is month three. If you haven’t gotten the characters you want by then, use renown to increase their support to A and scoop em up.

Unfortunately, house leaders and retainers are never recruitable.

Skill levels and class abilities

You can spend renown to unlock skill levels and mastered class abilities at 500 a pop. Here’s a plan to spend renown most efficiently.

First of all, don’t use renown to unlock low skill levels. In my opinion you shouldn’t be using renown to increase your skill level to anything below C. Your Saint Statue bonuses will easily raise these skill levels during normal gameplay and since they only take a small amount of skill points, you are trading 500 renown for almost nothing.

Instead, use renown to push yourself to high levels like A and S earlier than usual. This will allow you to max out skill levels quicker and get their really powerful end-game abilities sooner.

As for class abilities, prioritize lower level class abilities first. You actually want to spend as little time in lower classes as possible because they have worse stat growths. So if there is an ability you have to have just pick it up and bypass the class if you can. Then, spend it on high level class abilities you don’t intend to class into. This will allow you to take powerful abilities from some classes and transfer them over to other classes. However, if you plan to stay in a class, don’t bother unlocking its ability as you will do so over time anyway.

What else is unlocked in New Game +?

In addition to these renown bonuses, you will also get:


All of your battalions will carry over into your New Game + file, at whatever level they were at the end of the game. In fact, since your gold doesn’t carry over you might as well splurge on battalions at the end of every run. In addition, this makes authority the one skill level that is worth leveling up with renown quickly at low levels. It will allow you to use your high level battalions earlier in your run, which is actually worth the price of entry. You can also sell battalions you aren’t going to use for an extra boost of money early on.


The main shops (Item Shop, Armory, Battalion Guild, Blacksmith) do not have to be unlocked via quests in New Game +. In addition, any upgrades to their inventory that you may have gotten via quests are unlocked from the very beginning of the game. Buy those Brave Swords right away. No one is stopping you.


After completing a single run you will gain access to a new crest system. This allows you to equip and de-equip certain units with whatever crests you want. All you need to do is put the crest into their inventory. You can also spend renown to unlock new crests for your units at about 1000 renown a pop. You can even put multiple crests on a single unit. Build up your commoners into crest power-houses. Who says nobles get to have all the fun?

Difficulty levels and playstyle

In your original run, you had to pick a difficulty level and choose whether you were playing in permadeath mode or not, and then stick with it the whole game. In New Game +, you can change your difficulty level and permadeath setting at will provided you already completed a run on those settings. Hop into casual mode for some grinding on the bus and then turn it back to hard/classic mode for a true Fire Emblem experience when you get home from your commute.

The Holy Tomb

Even the Amiibo Gazebo changes in New Game +. Now, if you have scanned at least one Amiibo, you gain access to the Holy Tomb. Here you can talk to Sothis and pick up a variety of high grade items and accessories that automatically spawn over time.

You will also gain access to the Sothis Shield, a skill that buffs your entire army’s Res by 7 for three turns. This is incredibly useful when fighting powerful end-game demonic beasts.

You do not have to re-scan any Amiibos you have already scanned from previous playthroughs. As long as you have scanned at least one Amiibo in one playthrough the Holy Tomb will open.

Costume customization

In New Game + runs, you can choose to put your characters in any costume they have been in over the course of the game. This means you can have your characters look like adults before the time-skip or children after the time-skip.

And that’s about it. As you can see, it’s different from most New Game + modes as your inventory, levels, and gold don’t carry over at all. You still have to level-up and raise your units as normal, but New Game + allows you to complete side objectives much quicker. It also greatly opens up the game’s class system, allowing you to customize and perfect your units in ways you couldn’t before. This will be a boon to anyone attempting a lunatic run, when it gets patched in, or for anyone who is looking to dive into the mysterious story DLC that is planned for release next year.