Final Fantasy XV is getting a character-swap feature

Final Fantasy XV fans who have always dreamed about directly controlling secondary party members in the main campaign will soon get their wish thanks to an upcoming character-swap feature.

Square Enix unveiled the character-swap feature during a recent video presentation. When used, players will be able to freely swap from default protagonist Noctis to his buddies Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto during combat encounters. Each character will play in the same way as they do in their respective standalone DLC episodes, and since Square plans to release the character-swap feature before the December 13 launch of Episode Ignis, that means players will be able to “practice” controlling Ignis in the core game before his DLC episode arrives.

Later on in the presentation, Square also confirmed it has more DLC planned for Final Fantasy XV in 2018, including free story updates (more cutscenes, etc.) and an entire second season pass of paid content.

Check out this character-swap feature in the video below.