Final Fantasy XV’s multiplayer expansion launches on November 15

Following a delay that pushed it out of its original October launch window, Square Enix has now confirmed that Final Fantasy XV’s online multiplayer expansion Comrades will now launch next week on November 15.

Originally, Comrades was supposed to launch on October 31, but in the wake of a poorly executed beta which, unsurprisingly, garnered a lot of negative feedback, Square Enix decided to delay the expansion so that it could add some additional polish and ensure the final launch went smoothly. Unlike the core Final Fantasy XV experience, Comrades allows players to create their own custom characters and venture out alongside up to three other players to complete various quests. A copy of Final Fantasy XV is required to play, as is the game’s season pass or a standalone purchase of the Comrades expansion.

After Comrades, another single-player DLC episode, Episode Ignis, is scheduled to arrive in December. Final Fantasy XV will also be getting a spinoff VR experience called Monster of the Deep on November 21.