Far Cry 5: How to unlock all three game endings

There’s a lot to do within Far Cry 5’s sprawling region of Hope County, Montana, but no matter where your adventures take you you’ll eventually have to deal with the game’s central antagonists, the violent Eden’s Gate cult leader Joseph Seed and his ilk.

When you finally get around to dismantling the Eden’s Gate cult, there are actually three different potential ways the game can end. In the below guide, we’ve outlined how to unlock each of Far Cry 5’s three different game endings. As you might imagine, spoilers naturally follow so consider yourself warned.

The Good Ending

The good ending is basically the default ending you earn as long as you follow the prescribed path of taking down the Eden’s Gate cult as intended. Before you can earn this ending, you’ll have to find and defeat Joseph Seed’s three siblings/lieutenants, John Seed, Jacob Seed, and Faith Seed.

With them out of the way, travel back to the Eden’s Gate compound from the beginning of the game and enter the church like you did during the opening credits. Joseph Seed will be waiting for you and, much like he did during Far Cry 5’s opening moments, he’ll give you a choice: resist or walk away.

If you choose to resist, a boss fight will ensue. Joseph Seed will summon 12 of your former allies, all of whom are wacked out on Bliss, to attack you, but you can bring them back around to your side by knocking them out and then reviving them. The fight will get easier and easier as you reclaim more of your Bliss-addled friends, and any allies you free will also revive you if you get downed. Once all 12 of your allies are restored, you’ll take the fight to Joseph himself and, once he’s defeated, you’ll arrest him.

We won’t spoil what happens during the final cinematic following Joseph Seed’s arrest other than to say this: expect the unexpected.

The Bad Ending

When Joseph presents the choice of resisting or walking away during the final encounter, he attempts to sweeten the ‘walking away’ option a bit by saying that he’ll let you, Sheriff Whitehorse, and the two other deputies leave Eden’s Gate with no further harm.

If you take him up on his offer, Joseph will smile and touch his forehead to yours as a symbol of forgiveness and, amazingly enough, he’ll keep his word, letting you and your allies walk out the door.  Of course, this ending is called the bad ending for a reason, but we won’t ruin the surprise of what happens next here.

The Secret Ending

Similar to Far Cry 4, this latest Far Cry entry also has a hidden third ending which you can actually earn pretty early on in the game. How early? Within the first 10 minutes as a matter of fact. During the game’s opening sequence, you reach a point where you’re instructed to slap some handcuffs on Joseph Seed so you can escort him out of his church. However, if you just stand there and do nothing, Sheriff Whitehorse will eventually call the whole mission off and you’ll leave, watching as the credits roll mere minutes after the game started. 

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