Far Cry 5: Finding every lighter in the What They Carried quest

If you’re looking for the 12 Vietnam lighters to complete the What They Carried quest, you’re in luck, because we’re here to help!

These collectibles are spread across the map in all three areas. This makes it difficult to track all 12 down until late in the game, but the skill points and supplies you pick up from each of the lighter locations make it more than worth searching out well before that.

Getting Started

The quest can be found by visiting the Redler residence down in Jacob Seed’s territory southwest of Fall’s End. There’s plenty of soldiers down by the nearby roads, but Redler’s property is clear of enemies because the old veteran is more than capable of handling them himself.

Enjoy the tunes, and have a chat with Redler to learn the story behind the lighters and to activate the quest. You don’t technically need to start the quest to start finding the lighters, but it’s nice to start it so you know what you’re looking for.

John’s Region

Dom’s Lighter

Location: Fillmore Residence Directly East of Fall’s End

With quest in hand, your first stop should be Dom’s Lighter at the Fillmore Residence. It’s directly East from Fall’s End along the river near a bridge. You can also find it by heading directly northeast from the Redler Residence where you snagged the quest.

Once you arrive, clear the cultists and you’ll find a bunker hidden in a shed out behind the house with Dom’s Lighter.

Dusty’s Lighter

Location: Miller’s Residence Far East from Fall’s End

Our next stop is to the far west, and slightly south from Fall’s End at Miller’s Residence. You can also find it just north of Orville Creek where the river forks.

Once you arrive, the bunker itself is just to the left of the main cabin, and you’ll find Dusty’s Light within.

Danny’s Lighter

Location: Harris Residence

Danny’s Lighter is another easy snag. Just make your way to the Harris Residence by making your way north by north west from Fall’s End.

When you arrive, make your way past the cabins to the shack out back then drop into the bunker to snag Danny’s Lighter.

Woody’s Lighter

Location: Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm

Woody’s lighter is hidden in plain sight, back at Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm where you meet Boomer.

To find the lighter, just look for the bunker on the eastern edge of the farm a short distance away from the main buildings. Drop inside and Woody’s lighter is yours!

Faith’s Region

Kev’s Lighter

Location: Counselor Cabin West of Moonflower Trailer Park (Faith’s Region)

Kev’s Lighter can be found at the Counselor Cabin west of Moonflower Trailer Park in a small forest just northwest of Sacred Skies Lake.

The area is surprisingly safe, and you’ll find the bunker to the right of the cabin with Kev’s Lighter within.

Crow’s Lighter

Location: Abercrombie Residence

Crow’s lighter is tucked away at the Abercrombie Residence west of Hope County Jail. You’ll need to cross the river twice to make it there, but it’s nothing terribly difficult.

Once you arrive, just make your way around to the backside of the cabin to the white shed, peek inside, and you’ll find the entrance to the bunker with the lighter.

Russel’s Lighter

Location: McClean Residence Northwest of Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm on the border of Faith’s Region

Russel’s Lighter can be found by taking a trip on the wild side down to the border between John and Faith’s region of the map. The McClean Residence can be found across the river northeast of Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm just past the land bridge.

Once you arrive, you can find the bunker on the north side of the property, so pop it open and snag the lighter from inside on the blue cot in the back.

Tim’s Lighter

Location: McCoy’s Cabin West across the River from Peaches Taxidermy (Faith’s Region)

Tim’s Lighter is the next objective on our list and it can be found near McCoy’s Cabin to the west of Peaches Taxidermy. You’ll find the lighter itself in a bunker hidden by a small lean-to made from green tarps to the right of the cabin.

Jacob’s Region

Smiley’s Lighter

Location: Whitetail Park Visitor Center Just West of the Wolf’s Den (Jacob’s Region)

Smiley’s Lighter can be found at the Whitetail Park Visitor Center, just west of the Wolf’s Den. If you’ve played a few of Eli’s quests in Jacob’s Region, you probably remember this place as a huge den of cultists and hostages.

Whether you’ve cleaned up the area or not, your target is in the visitor center. Make your way through the veranda into the small hall and then check your left as soon as you enter the main lobby. You should find the lighter sitting on a small shelf below a Whitetail State Park sign mounted on the wall.

Joe’s Lighter

Location: Unmarked Watchtower West of Cedar Lake (Jacob’s Region)

This lighter is probably one of the hardest to find, simply because it’s located in a tiny bunker beside an unmarked watchtower in the northwestern region of Jacob’s neck of the woods.

The best way to find it is to use an air-drop or a helicopter, but either way you’re aiming for the second ridge to the west of Cedar Lake on your map.

Once you arrive, loot the watchtower then make your way into the small bunker to the right and the lighter is yours.

Stanford’s Lighter

Location: Elliot Residence South of F.A.N.G. Center

Stanford’s Lighter is located at the Elliot Residence in a bunker sound of the F.A.N.G. Center. Unfortunately, popping this one open is a bit more complex because it’s part of a prepper stash, so it’s chock full of even more loot than normal, but also trickier to access.

If you’re interested, we also have a guide for the location of every prepper stash in the game by area.

Once you arrive at the Elliot Residence, make your way around to the backside of the cabin to the north, turn back towards the cabin, then climb up onto the porch veranda in between the broken sections of wire.

Hop over the wire to the right to the next overhang, then climb up onto the roof.

From there, hop down onto the front entry way and then climb in through the broken window. Make your way downstairs and you’ll find the key tucked away in the kitchen next to Stanford.

Be prepared for some cultists to move in at this point, but once you clear them out, you’re free to make your way to the shed and the bunker out back to claim your reward.

Lefty’s Lighter

Location: Unmarked Farm in between Clagget Bay, Widow’s Creek, and Langford Lake

Lefty’s lighter can be found by making your way to a small unmarked farm just northwest of Langford Fall’s Parking Lot, and almost directly between Clagget Bay, Widow’s Creek, and Langford Lake.

It’s just a small area hidden back in a grove of trees with a shack, the bunker, and a woman that’s been slaughtered by the cultists. It’s easiest to see it from the air, so if you can snag a helicopter or use and air drop you’ll be able to see it pretty clearly. Otherwise, take the dirt road leading west from the Langford Fall’s Parking Lot and bear right at every fork in the road and you should find it without too much trouble.

Once you arrive, clear out any cultists in the area and make your way down into the bunker. Inside, take the hallway on the left, and make your way into the room on the right where you’ll find Lefty’s lighter sitting on a coffee table beside a small TV.

Cleaning Up

With all 12 lighters in hand, return to Redley’s Residence way back in John’s Region to complete the quest.

The bunker full of supplies is surprisingly light on anything special for all the work it takes to track down the lighters. Inside, you’ll find plenty of armor, explosives, and special ammo, which is nice if you’re gearing up to take down one of Jacob’s Lieutenants or the big man himself, but a bit lame if you were expecting a fancy new gun or schematic.

The good news is that you still get a good amount of cash and skill points for looting all the lighter locations themselves, so in the end, it’s worth it.