Far Cry 5’s new event Is all about the arcade

Ubisoft has kicked off a brand new in-game event for Far Cry 5 that encourages players to try out the game’s expansive Arcade Mode. Those who fulfill the event’s conditions will earn themselves a new weapon and a new outfit, both of which can be transferred over to the game’s standard campaign.

The new event, called ‘Arcade Dawn,’ is currently live, though players who want to participate are encouraged to act fast since. It’s only sticking around until next Tuesday, April 17.

According to the official Far Cry 5 live events page, there are four different goals to work towards: two personal goals and two community goals. As of this writing, both community goals have already been met, so if you complete both of the personal goals, you’ll get the prizes for the community goals as well.

The personal goals are also pretty easy: the first goal requires that you play Arcade Mode maps for a mere 20 minutes, and the second goal is met once you play for 40 minutes. Just note that you have to first “opt in” to the event by selecting it from the ‘Online’ section of the in-game menu while playing the campaign (instructions on how to do so can be found here. Meeting the first personal goal awards 100 Ubisoft Club XP and 50 Silver Bars (Far Cry 5’s premium microtransaction currency), and meeting the second goal awards an additional 100 XP and the “4 Color Fun” variant of the Vector .45 ACP weapon. You’ll also receive an addition 50 Silver Bars, 200 Ubisoft Club XP, and the ‘Arcade Pro’ outfit since both community goals have been cleared.

Remember that the Arcade Dawn event will only be around until April 17, so if you want to earn the event’s unique rewards, be sure to hop in and play some Arcade maps!