Fans aren’t happy about Nintendo’s latest physical puzzle

Now it’s time for an old fashioned good news/bad news scenario. The good news is that Nintendo has released a new 1,000-piece physical puzzle that features one of the company’s most iconic mascots (red shirt and hat, has a mustache, rescues princesses from large koopa kings, you might have heard of him). The bad news is that actually solving the puzzle will most likely end up being more aggravating than relaxing.

As you can see in the included image, the puzzle as a whole is actually pretty cool, showing Mario in what appears to be a pose he reserves for when he’s about to jump on some goomba heads or lay a smack-down on Bowser. However, casual observers were quick to notice one hard-to-miss flaw: most of the puzzle is dominated by a single red color. Both the background canvas and Mario’s clothing use the same shade of red, which means that an incredibly large portion of the puzzle’s 1,000 pieces look exactly the same (save for their unique puzzle shapes, of course).

You can buy the new puzzle now for a mere $10 if you feel like it, just don’t say we didn’t warn you when you start having nightmares about giant piles of red puzzles pieces.