Fallout News Roundup: Agility, Wanderers, Remote Play, and Data on the Disk

Another week comes, and another S.P.E.C.I.A.L. video rolls out of Bethesda's ironworks full with information about how Agility will influence your survival in the wastes.

As it did in previous games Agility will give you a leg-up in the world with bonuses to V.A.T.S. targeting, likely increasing your total action points and potentially giving you a bonus to hit. With an Agility of ten you'll gain access to one of the confirmed perks for Agility titled Gun Fu, which is meant to boost your damage for every additional target on your docket up to and including instant critical hits.

Additionally the video hints that increasing your Agility will give you some ability to run over mines and traps using the Light Step perk from earlier games, and possibly the ability to somehow contort your body around incoming rounds. We still don't know if this means there's going to be an integrated dodge chance for every hit much like we see in many more stat-crunchy games, or if this means we're soon to see combat rolls and other combat maneuvers integrated as we go, but either way it presents a unique bonus to people that prefer their insides away from the outside. 

Finally, as expected, sneak-minded players should invest heavily in agility as almost all of the perks previously relevant to the sneak skill have been fully integrated into Fallout's new perk system. If you're interested in moving through the wasteland like an invisible wraith dealing out intense critical damage from the shadows, then be sure to invest in agility early on.

We're down to a single stat to go in Bethesda's S.P.E.C.I.A.L. videos, and next week promises to cover the most controversial (and confusing) stat in the game, Luck.

The not-so-lone Wanderer live action trailer

The lone survivor taking a leisurely stroll through the Commonwealth with graphics that almost make me want to go for a walk in the real world. It's all live action, aside from the parts that are CGI, and it's set to The Wanderer by Dion, what's not to love?

It's the first live action trailer we've seen for Fallout 4 and it's impressive, smoothly blending CGI and live actors, expertly showing off what a day in the life of the lone survivor would look like and keeping the hype train rolling like an unstoppable monstrosity. As a bonus, hidden in the footage at 0:29 is a real-life representation of how V.A.T.S. will likely work in game.

Post-Apocalyptic Survival freed from the couch

Just in case you were about to retire your PlayStation Vita for good, consider that, although it lacks a few things as a system on its own, the ability to stream certain games from your PS4 home console gives you a decent reason to keep it on hand. Especially now that Bethesda has revealed that it fully supports streaming Fallout 4 to the handheld console.

Control Freak Josh Hamrock reportedly helped design Destiny's version of Vita Remote Play and Bethesda is extremely pleased with the results. The Vita naturally comes with several fewer buttons than your standard Dualshock 4 controller, but it can be compensated for by binding certain keystrokes to the touchscreens on the Vita, making Remote Play a fun way to play Fallout 4 no matter where you are in your home.

A Game of Where's the Data

There's been more than a little hubbub recently over the nature of how to deliver digital content on PC, specifically surrounding the sale of physical disks that don't actually contain game data. Metal Gear Solid 5's physical disk contained nothing more than a download file for Steam, and any PC edition of Might and Magic Heroes VII lacks a physical disk entirely despite some fairly convincing marketing photos saying otherwise.

Luckily, in response to questions on Twitter, Pete Hines confirmed that any and all physical copies of Fallout 4, PC or otherwise, will come with all the data needed to play written to the CD. That's good news for those with limited access to high speed internet, although you'll likely still need some kind of internet connection to authenticate the game through Steam.

A Not-so-Mysterious Patch, and a confirmed new character

If you've found yourself bored with Fallout Shelter in the past it's a good time to get your Vault whipped back into shape now that patch 1.2 is live. 1.2 adds a variety of new features including cloud syncing, visits from the Mysterious Stranger, a new challenge in Survival Mode, a new unique character, and a variety of small tweaks to gameplay to make your Vault run like the well oiled homicidal machine it is.

This is also the first we've seen of Piper, a new character pulled straight from the wasteland of Fallout 4. Based on the short clip we get to see she's a journalist running possibly the last newspaper in the Wasteland, titled Public Occurrences. She's likely an important character in Fallout 4 as far as quests go, but to what extent is still unclear.