Fallout 4 for Xbox One now has official mod support

After an extensive closed beta, official mod support has finally arrived for the Xbox One version of Fallout 4, following last month’s debut of Bethesda’s official mod creation kit for the PC version of the game.

Bethesda confirmed the launch of Xbox One mod support via Twitter yesterday afternoon, making it just in time to fulfill its previous promise of bringing mod support to Xbox One in May. While mods have technically been available for the PC version of Fallout 4 via third-party means pretty much ever since the game launched, the creation kit allows modders to create and share mods officially through Bethesda.net, helping to streamline the process for those who don’t want to deal with third-party sources.

While getting to finally play mods on console is pretty awesome, there are a few caveats to consider. Achievements/Trophies cannot be earned while using mods, and there’s a 2GB storage limit for mods, which means mod junkies might be forced to leave some mods behind in favor of others. Fortunately, Bethesda also says that players shouldn’t be worried about mods permanently screwing up their save games. A separate “modded save” will be stored whenever a player uses a mod, leaving their original save files intact.

Official mod support for the PlayStation 4 version of Fallout 4 is expected to arrive sometime in June. In the meantime, the game’s newest DLC expansion, Far Harbor, is now available on all three platforms.