Fallout 4 Survival Mode update will arrive ahead of Far Harbor DLC

Bethesda has confirmed it will be updating Fallout 4 to version 1.5 at some point between now and next month’s release of the Far Harbor DLC expansion. The 1.5 update will, among other things, add in the newly revamped Survival Mode difficulty, allowing players to put their survival skills to the ultimate test.

According to a new blog post on its website, Bethesda plans to release the 1.5 update simultaneous on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. In addition to the implementation of the Survival Mode difficulty level, the 1.5 update will also add in several bug fixes, and will prep the game for next month’s Far Harbor expansion. Bethesda also mentioned in the blog post that the official Fallout 4 mod creation kit should be released for the game’s PC version soon, and a future update will patch mod support into the Fallout 4’s console versions.

Next month’s DLC pack, Far Harbor, will be Fallout 4’s first major expansion, allowing players to venture to the titular region which is located on the coast of Maine. Far Harbor is included in the Fallout 4 season pass’s content offerings, as are the game’s two previous DLC releases, Automatron and Wasteland Workshop.