Fallout 4 Radioactive Leak Roundup (Spoilers and dead links ahead!)

Copies of Fallout 4 are now in the wild ahead of next week's November 10 release date, and that means one thing: leaks. We've rounded up some of the best ones so far to feed your hunger for the full game. 

Spoilers ahead, though we've tried to organize the leaks from least to most spoiler-y. But you've been warned! 

Also, as Bethesda continues to play whack-a-leaker, many of these links will break as things get taken down. Rather than try to find new sources, we'll just tell you to be patient and play the game when it comes out on Tuesday. 


To kick off the leaks we have a variety of screenshots showing off a massive number of in game assets like new weapons, armors, characters, and environments. A lot of them are just further variants on things we've already seen, but of special note is the bobblehead for Perception which confirms suspicions that Fallout 4 is bringing back everyone's favorite Vault Boy collectibles.  Additionally, we get a chance to see several new shots of the in-game power armor which looks just as deadly in the light of day as it does in the dark raider infested streets of the E3 footage.

Check out the shots here.


Of special importance to those interested in exploring their character development before the 10 is the now fully confirmed perk list. Considering Bethesda's overhaul of how character development works in Fallout 4 it's definitely worth a read, and it's the kind of information that will do little to spoil your experience but will be just as useful as Bethesda's S.P.E.C.I.A.L. vault PSAs.

Here's a picture of the confirmed perk names and their basic functions overlayed on the previously released perk chart.

And a Perk chart with links to more detailed descriptions and  breakdowns of each perk by rank.

Straight from Elotrolado

Elotrolado gave us a lot of information to work with in a variety of posts but most of them were in Spanish, but thanks to the powers of Google Translate and a number of experienced and amateur translators over at r/fo4  we were able to learn a lot about some of the mechanics that have been giant question marks so far.

Some highlights include the fact that there's a confirmed soft cover system, allowing you to contextually peak around corners and other bits of cover to shoot.

There's a new damage type referred to as Radiation which will likely affect the max health of players and NPCs alike.

Settlements will give you a notification when they're attacked which should give you a chance to zoom to the rescue thanks to the magic of fast travel.

There are six difficulties ranging from Very Easy all the way up to Survival, but none of them include Hardcore mode or the need to attend to primary needs. Apparently the settings mostly make enemies tougher and increase the damage they deal to the player, and also randomly release more powerful legendary enemy variants which can be killed for a special reward.

Power armor functions much like a vehicle and is powered by rare power cores. Several perks can be used to boost the effectiveness of the armor and to increase how long each core lasts.

The Sneak system has been vastly improved, as have gunplay mechanics across the board. 

Weapons and armor no longer come with condition values, which means that repairing items is officially out of the game.


Now we're into the heavy stuff, as well as the stuff so radioactive that it's currently quite hard to find online. 

Three parts of a mission that takes place high in the sky were found and discussed in a reddit thread. The original links are gone, but reddit has been good about finding new sources in the past, so keep an eye out if you're interested. Video of power armor gameplay also surfaced before quickly being taken down as well.

Just five more days folks. Just five more days...