Fallout 4 News Roundup: Strength, DLC, and Mods

Fallout 4 is all set for a huge November release, and as the weeks tick down Bethesda is steadily rolling out more information on this newly revitalized version of atomic apple pie. Of course with constant updates spread far and wide across it can be hard to keep track of all your juicy delicious Fallout news, so from the fires of Atom we've cranked out a list of all the recent Fallout 4 news to keep you up to date.

So strong, so S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

Although this might be old news for anyone that attended the Fallout 4 press event at Quakecon this is the first glimpse the general public has had of Bethesda's S.P.E.C.I.A.L. line of videos. Assuming they follow the presumed pattern we should get a new infomercial for every stat in the game, with Perception soon to follow in the footsteps of Strength.

Portrayed as a classic 50's vault-boy cartoon, we get a chance to pick up a few hints at the new role Strength will play in Fallout 4. Of course it'll still largely focus on governing carry weight, melee damage, and movement speed, but the innovation that drives RPGs forward across the gaming hemisphere has prompted Bethesda to look at new ways Strength can change your gameplay. In the past Strength was largely useless for the lightly armored or those who prefer to keep their distance on the battlefield, but now it's apparent that it may now have an effect on crafting weapons and armor, implying that working steel and other materials without the proper tools could be impossible without the muscle to back up your claim. 

Additionally, based on the reference to baseball, we could see a difference in the distance you can throw weapons like grenades, javelins, or dynamite, making explosives particularly deadly for those that overestimate their ability.

DLC, Mods, and more, Oh My!

Mods have been a well known weapon in Bethesda's arsenal, and despite the whole paid mods fiasco that hit the fan in the land of ice and Nords we'll still be getting a fully functioning G.E.C.K. to expand the world of Fallout a thousand fold, with the added bonus of mod support for the PS4 and Xbox One. Continuing their pattern with previous titles Bethesda has also confirmed that Fallout 4 will have DLC support in the form of both official patches, like those that added mounted combat and legendary mode to Skyrim, as well as full-scale DLC which will be covered under a single Season Pass.

Expect some content

Fallout 4 is either going to be massively expansive or phenomenally long-winded, because it reportedly includes over 100,000 lines of dialogue, which is more than Fallout 3 and Skyrim combined. Given that we're no longer controlling a silent protagonist this could be largely fluff bumping between male and female voice options, but 100,000 lines of dialogue is still a lot of content, fluff or not.

Dogs out for Three Dog

In a surprising twist of fate, DJ Three Dog appears to be out of the picture for Fallout 4. considering some of the first rumors for Fallout 4 were spawned by the quirky radio host Erik Todd Dellums several years ago it's somewhat of a disappointment that we won't be carrying him on our arm across the wasteland.

In a series of tweets released by Dellums after Bethesda tweeted that dialogue recording was done for the new game, the voice actor that brought life to a wasteland lamented about his lack of a call to arms, “I admit, the finality of this tweet felt like a gut punch,” following it with, “Sad to not be included. Best with the game.”

There are a couple of possibilities as to why Three Dog wouldn't be rolling around Fallout 4, starting with the fact that he's hopefully still bringing songs to the Capital Wasteland. Although Boston is closer to Washington DC then New Vegas, Three Dog could be focused on the relief effort following the Lone Wanderer's exploits, and it simply didn't fit the lore to bring everyone's favorite host to the Commonwealth. More concerning is the possibility that Dellum's leak several years back concerning Fallout 4's development could have placed him a wasteland far from Bethesda's good graces.

Only time will tell, but maybe Bethesda just didn't have a reason or the chance to include Three Dog for this iteration in the Fallout universe and we'll hear Dellums' sultry tones rolling over the radio once again in a future game.