Fallout 4 News Roundup: Deluxe Edition, Charisma, and a look at the minds behind the vault

Make friends, not gore bags, with Charisma

Bethesda's latest iteration in their series of cartoon info-graphics highlights the advantages of playing a more diplomatic character, it's much of what you'd expect from previous iterations of Fallout and all in all it looks like a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. day for those with the charismatic chops to take back the wasteland one saucy wink at a time.

The video focuses heavily on how charisma can be used to defuse situations large and small and goes on to demonstrate how this  encompasses everything from talking down the most violent raiders and psychopaths to trading a new set of shoes for a mini nuke.

In a bit of a split from previous games Charisma will now also modify your resistance to addiction, with a high level charisma opening the door to perks that can modify how you handle addictive chems and alcohol, it will not however modify the short term affects of imbibing too many wasteland cocktails.

We know based on the perk chart released last week that we're likely to see the return of the animal friend perk as well as several variants relating to abominations and even sentient characters, allowing you to potentially intimidate or persuade yourself across the wasteland with plenty of allies recruited from raiders and mutants to help you along the way.

 Additionally we know that charisma in the past has done a lot to determine the effectiveness of your companions and the same will be true for Fallout 4, in the video it's strongly hinted that perks relating to charisma can open up the potential to command Dogmeat and other companion characters to perform useful combat abilities.

Making Fallout 4 Live

Continuing their efforts to bring every aspect of the development process behind Fallout 4 closer to their fans Bethesda cranked out the official tapes from their E3 livestream with some of the top minds and personalities responsible for breathing life into post-apocalyptic Boston. 

This first video features Fallout 4's art director Istvan Pely, the lead producer Jeff Gardner, the lead writer Emil Pagliarulo, and of course game director Todd Howard. They take the time to discuss the utter scope and difficulty that comes with creating a game as massive as Fallout 4.

In a second video the developers are joined on stage by the actors Brian T. Delaney and Courtenay Taylor who voice the protagonists in Fallout 4. They discuss the more personal nature of Fallout 4's story and how they felt the need to step away from the disconnected feel of point and click dialogue.

Bethesda is pushing hard for an extremely personal experience with Fallout 4. They want people to care about every element of Fallout 4 as much as they do, and with any luck the tender loving care they're weaving into almost every aspect of their game will pay off once November rolls around. 

No time like no exclusive content time

Thanks to a tweet by Bethesda's Pete Hines in response to a fan's question we now know that Bethesda has officially moved away from the exclusive content bandwagon.

Bethesda has a pretty substantial history as far as DLC goes, and consistently they've provided that content on Xbox based platforms months before PC or Playstation get a taste. An unfortunate anomaly that has often left users on other platforms feeling cheated as they watch their Xbox brethren prance among the ruins of The Pitt in Fallout 3 or carefully craft their homes in Skyrim's Hearthfire DLC knowing the whole time that it'll be months before they play the content themselves.

Luckily Fallout 4 is letting their true colors fly high, with DLC focused on supporting user experiences rather than milking us for all we've got. In addition to the series of announced DLC we know that Bethesda has a whole slew of free content lined up, as well as mod support across multiple platforms.

Xbox One whispers of Fallout

Despite the fact that there are no exclusives planned for the Xbox One we are seeing a fair number of updates roll out concerning the Xbox version of Fallout 4.

For starters we know that the total file size of Fallout 4 at least on the Xbox One is going to be around 28 gigs, which should remain a relatively consistent number across the PS4 and PC, barring day one patches or DLC. It's a pretty hefty download for people that snagged a digital version of the game but not out of the ordinary for triple A titles in this day and age.

As an added bonus Fallout 4's season pass has officially hit the Xbox marketplace at a price of $30 which Bethesda has already announced will cover the expected $40 worth of content and any and all releases outside of that. It's nice to know that we won't be seeing twelve seasons of content, but it's worthwhile to note that fans would likely be willing to pay for a second season it if it meant more quality official DLC. Coincide with the release of the season pass is the Digital Deluxe Edition which at a price of $90 will come with the season pass bundled in with the game. It's also worth noting that Xbox users that purchase Fallout 4 regardless of whether it's the Deluxe Edition or not will also receive a free copy of Fallout 3 to celebrate the Xbox One's new backwards compatibility support. Information concerning the status of the season pass and the digital deluxe edition on PC and PS4 is still forthcoming.

Don't walk away

In a conversation with express.co.uk Pete Hines revealed some interesting information concerning their plans to make choices matter, and that it might extend much farther than the karma system of previous iterations in the Fallout universe. Unwilling to spoil the fun Hines stated,

"Fallout is a game that gives you choices, sometime difficult choices but as far as how we are handling that, it is a subject for another time."

Who knows if we'll hear more once Bethesda finishes their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. line of videos or if we'll have to wait until the game officially hits shelves to find out, but we're leaning towards the former option considering there are still a little less than six weeks left until Fallout 4's official release but there's only intelligence, agility, and luck left to go over as far as stats go.

Continuing the interview Hines made special mention of the changes to how dialogue and conversation work. Along with the shift to a voiced protagonist we'll no longer see time completely stop once we begin a conversation, we'll be able to move, interact with the world, and otherwise make decisions in real time based on the conversation.

Hine's stated:

"It is all in real-time, you walk up to somebody and start a conversation with them and the game is still going, If you want to finish talking you can just walk away, if you're talking to someone and you already know you don't like them, you can just pull out your gun and shoot them. You don't have to wait and finish the conversation, or press B to leave, it's all in real-time."

Which will likely do a lot to shift the Fallout world to a more dynamic living world. In previous Fallout games talking to someone would immediately cause the world to freeze in place, providing a safe haven for you to catch your breath, but also making scenes where NPCs were poised to interrupt or perform any kind of action feel extremely staged and out of place. A real time dialogue system will allow Bethesda to really create a more cinematic experience with every quest and will do a lot to change how we evaluate a dangerous situation.