Fallout 4 Mods of the Week: Thomas the Tank Engine and Downloadable Settlements

From terrible trains to the best possible way to kill someone, it's been a wonderful week for Fallout 4 mods. 

Really Useful Fallout

Via NexusMods and Gamespot.com 

There are some things that go together so naturally that we wonder if destiny foretold their coming in some way. The Really Useful Fallout mod by Trainwiz is not one of those things. Or maybe it it, if you really love Thomas the Tank Engine.

This mod does almost exactly what it did way back in 2011 when Trainwiz released it for Skyrim, only somehow he managed to make it even more terrifying. You'll now find the textures for Deathclaws, Vertibirds, Liberty Prime, and all the mini nukes in the game have been replaced with Thomas the Tank Engine, with all the terrifying train sounds included.

Trainwiz claims that the idea struck him while sitting by the fire sipping lightly at his tea and devouring a small animal, and that the thought forced him into a six year long sabbatical where he defeated and consumed every one of his enemies, then asked a buddy to transfer the meshes for him. It's a heck of a mod, especially if you like trains.

DOOM's Wasteland Creatures Redone – Retexture Compilation

Via NexusMods 

DOOM's Wasteland Creatures Redone is a wonderful mod for anyone that wants to change things up a bit in Fallout 4 without modifying the core architecture or in any way breaking the game. Like all retextures it's entirely cosmetic, but the goal of this mod is to make the creatures of the wasteland much more striking and obviously mutated in significant ways.

You'll see boils on Yao Guais, a delightful glow on Mirelurks, and similar irradiated effects on every creature from Bloatflies to Stingwings, all in a single delightful little package. DOOM has been retexturing Fallout 4 from day one, and is extremely talented, capable of putting that tiny bit of spin on every retexture to take it a step up from mildly scary to downright unsettling.

Cell Ripper – Settlement Save Transfer Tool

Via NexusMods

Settlements are one of the coolest elements to Fallout 4, and enterprising modders and players alike have been hard at work creating massive cities and well developed towns throughout the Commonwealth. Yet until now there's been no real way to share these creations beside the occasional screenshot, video, or transferring the entire save to another player.

Cell Ripper by xatmos changes that in the best way possible, allowing players to save the exact configuration of a certain settlement, extract it, and transfer it to another game where someone else can directly insert it into their world. This takes sharing to the next level, and allows players to gain access to some of the most impressive settlements in the commonwealth to explore, plunder, and otherwise enjoy from the comfort of their own save.

The process is still in Beta and is far from a perfect method, so expect to lose all the items and work in your settlement if you replace it with one you download, and even then it might not work at all if you don't have the right mod configuration. Despite these current limitations it's a huge step forward for the modding community, and we can expect a huge number of settlement mods to hit the Nexus in the coming weeks if Cell Ripper kicks off.

Eli's Armour Collection Remade -Vanilla and CBBE

Via NexusMods

Another mod perfect for someone just jumping into modding Fallout 4 and who doesn't want to spend hours scoping out different armor textures and clothing options. Eli's Armour Collection Remade is a host of carefully retextured, lore-friendly clothing items by Elianora that allow you to spread your creative wings and customize your character with clothes that are actually worth wearing.

You'll find things like military fatigues, combat gear, lucky flannel, and a host of Fallout 4 inspired T-shirts so you can dress how you want, when you want. Each piece of gear can be made at the Chemistry Station and they're all compatible with Ballistic Weave armor mods, and some even come with Legendary effects. 

Craftable Solar Panels and Fusion Reactors

Via NexusMods

One of the key issues players attempting to create massive settlements encounter comes from the question of how to power it all. You can build massive warehouses and fill them to the brim with hundreds of generators, construct massive wind farms, or just keep your power use to a minimum, and pray nothing comes out of the dark alleys to eat your settlers.

Craftable Solar Panels and Fusion Reactors by DDProductions83 is an attempt to compress all of that into a much more compact package by adding Solar Panels and Fusion Reactors to the game. Each Solar Panel produces a respectable six power and will even raise and lower based off of whether the player activates it or not, a nice visual effect that makes the Solar Panels feel extremely natural. The Fusion Reactors on the other hand produce a whopping 50 power and will cost you four fusion cores and a boatload of Nuclear Material, but with power output that high in approximately the space of a small room it's totally worth it.

Just beware that the Fusion Reactors are a bit... Volatile. A stray bullet or an unfortunately thrown grenade will cause it to detonate in a dramatic fashion, dramatic even for the Fallout universe. You can see a demonstration in the video below, it's definitely one of the prettiest ways to watch a settlement go up in flames.

Rip A Guy's Arm Off And Beat Him To Death With It

Via NexusMods

There's really not much else to say about this mod that isn't stated in the title. It's from the modder Kentington, and it's perfect for an unarmed character build that needs a few extra hands making the Commonwealth a safer place.

We don't know if this mod is meant to be a throwback to Sir Daniel Fortesque from the old-school MediEvil games, or if it's just the product of a particularly brutal modder who found a creative way to tweak the game to give his unarmed character a helping hand fighting evil. Either way it's definitely worth downloading for the sole purpose of the hilarity of beating a Raider to death with his severed limbs.

The good news is that occasionally the operation doesn't appear to be deadly and many characters seem able to continue functioning in their every day lives without a limb or two, which is both uplifting news and seems to be the only way to get Preston Garvey to consistently lend you a hand.

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