Fallout 4 Mods of the Week: Submersible Power Armor, Synth Production, and Working Videos

Fallout 4 Mods of the Week is back for another round of content to shake, dazzle, and ultimately modify the Commonwealth in ways that can't be unseen. So let's take a look at this week's crop of the good, the bad, and the fantastic.

Submersible Power Armor – BioShock Inspired

Via NexusMods

Ever wonder what kind of zany mods and amazing new tech you would have had to slap on your Power Armor if Bethesda hadn't scrapped all of that underwater content? Well, now you can get just a tiny taste with a little help from modders Edible Grenade12 and Unoctium, who felt that the worlds of Fallout 4 and BioShock needed to cross some canonical lines to give the whole game a more maritime flavor.

Submersible Power Armor adds one distinctly nautical set of Power Armor to the Commonwealth, along with three helmet variants based off the best and worst the BioShock universe had to offer. Each set also includes compatibility with nearly every paint job in the main game and a variety of mods meant to cater to underwater movement and exploring, including several custom flashlight bulbs to crank up the atmosphere of your undersea adventures.

Workshop Synth Production

Via NexusMods

With as much focus as there is on the synths in Fallout 4, you would think we would see a lot more of the nitty-gritty details of how the Institute manages to bring their humanoid creations to life. We certainly see hundreds of them roaming the wasteland throughout our time in the Commonwealth, and there's definitely more than enough tech and small hints at the process in the Institute itself, but the secrets of full-scale synth production, including the factory where they build the bulk of their synth troopers, is hidden far from the player's eye.

Fortunately, in the modding community there are very few mysteries left unexplored for long, even if talented modders like Kentington have to occasionally fill in the blanks here and there with a bit of imagination and elbow grease. Workshop Synth Production adds a holotape to the Institute (or the nearby wreckage) that allows you to build your very own synth production factory at a settlement of your choosing. Each synth can be given commands like any other settler, and with the help of the Body Scanner you can scan and replicate any human character in the Commonwealth. Play God, create a monster, revel in an army of Preston Garveys, and then flee in terror when they inevitably turn on you for shooting a settler. Ah, the classic tale of man and machine.

Videos of the Wasteland

Via NexusMods

It makes sense on some level that our regularly scheduled broadcast was interrupted on a dramatic scale after the Great War nuked your day-to-day late night television. But it doesn’t particularly make sense that the Commonwealth is still remarkably devoid of any form of electronic entertainment aside from the odd showing at long decrepit drive-in theaters. We know they have holotapes and televisions galore, and the workshop gives us the power to fix up nearly any broken-down TV like it's fresh out of the nuclear fire, yet we rarely see any kind of pre-war media anywhere in the Fallout universe.

Videos of the Wasteland by Razorwire is a mod that attempts to change that by adding a little spice to the blank screens and brainless static of the Commonwealth's current media enterprise. Once installed, you'll find a variety of Vault-Tec Propaganda holotapes hiding away in a crate just outside of Vault 111. With these in hand, the only missing pieces in your quest for some classic Vault-Tec media is a powered TV and a Holotape Player that can be found in the furniture section of the workshop menu. Place one near the other and slot in your favorite pre-war holotape and you'll be good to go for movie night. You should also check out the Starlight Drive In module if you want to breathe some life into an old settlement and extend movie night past your standard 12-inch screen.

DKS-501 Sniper Rifle – Standalone

Via NexusMods

There's little doubt that compared to other Fallout games, the hunting rifle fell short of delivering a satisfying sniper rifle experience. This is no doubt has something to do with the fact that the hunting rifle we find in Fallout 4 is a mid tier weapon, and far from the powerful late-game sniper rifles we've had in nearly every other Fallout game since day one.

So to make things a little more reminiscent of the Fallout world we know and love, and to give snipers a shiny new tool to reach out and touch someone with from half a mile away, modder LtCommander decided to recreate a beautiful, fully modifiable version of the DKS-501 Sniper Rifle for our long range pleasure. The DKS-501 is the iconic sniper rifle of the Fallout series and can now be found in the hands of enemies and raiders alike throughout the Commonwealth starting at around level 25, which means that your enemies aren't the only ones that need to duck after you install this mod. As if that wasn't enough, the DKS-501's mods include all the standard barrels, stocks, and muzzles, but also several variants of receivers meant to chamber everything from the humble .38 round up to .50 armor piercing ammunition to rip through power armor like it's going out of style. So get out there and peel open some tin cans.

IN-Game ESP Explorer

Via NexusMods

One of the most frustrating things about modding is actually finding the weapons and armor that you add to the game within the game itself. Especially if your newly minted set of gear has been added to the game via the in-game leveling pool or hidden away in some dark corner of the Commonwealth, it's not unheard of to spend hours searching for an item before you notice the mod isn't even installed correctly. Your only other alternative is to either pray it shows up eventually (which is undeniably the fun of it for some mods), or to attempt to search out the item's console ID so that you can add it to your inventory manually, a process that can be almost as long and frustrating as searching out the gear by hand.

IN-Game ESP Explorer by a1a3a6a9 is a tool that makes everything a whole lot simpler by allowing you to browse the .esp files of your modded content directly, without ever leaving the game. That means that you can easily check if your mod is working, snatch a copy of a particular gun or armor set without having to search it out the hard way, and in general manage your item mods in a dynamic and easy to use window. It's definitely a bit cheaty if the weapon is something that's balanced specifically to the level that you can build or loot it, but if you're just interested in getting your hands on your modded gear, or want to set up a unique character build right off the bat, there's no better tool on the Nexus.

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