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Fallout 4 Mods of the Week: Storms, Spongebob, and Settlers

Another week of Fallout 4 means another week of crazy modding fun. Here are the unofficial modifications that have caught our eye recently. 

True Storms – Wasteland Edition

Via NexusMods

There's something special about a storm, and although Fallout 4 has jumped miles ahead of previous games in terms of storm complexity there's always room for improvement. True Storms by fadingsignal has been giving the weather in Bethesda games an upgrade since Skyrim.

True Storms - Wasteland Edition focuses on making the weather effects in the Commonwealth much more intense and immersive, adding hundreds of tweaks both large and small to the visual and audio effects in the game and even adding some brand new storm types and weather effects to make every foggy morning or rad-soaked hurricane that much more breathtaking.

Spongebob Squarepants Laugh – Minigun Sound Replacer

Via NexusMods

There are a lot of disturbing things in Fallout 4, and the modding scene pushes the envelope even further. Culp32's Spongebob Squarepants Laugh mod is one of those disturbing things, except it's also one of the most amazing ideas ever conceived. The mod itself is simple: all it does is replace the sound effect from firing the minigun with Spongebob's distinctive laugh, which means that while mowing down raiders, super mutants, and entire settlements you'll get a chance to sit back, laugh, and go a little mad. It's solid proof that spending 200 years as a popsicle can have some serious mental repercussions.

Watch the demo video below to see exactly what we mean.

Ultra Immersive 4K Nicolas Cage Moon

Via NexusMods

We all know that the truly fatal flaw with Fallout 4 had nothing to do with glitches or bugs, it was the serious lack of Nicolas Cage (trademarked) anywhere in the Commonwealth. It's absolutely an essential element for a truly immersive game. Logically, since the real world has Nicolas Cage,  Fallout 4's world needs its own Nicolas Cage.

Fortunately this mod fixes that oversight. Thanks to TheCouchSloth the default moon texture in Fallout 4 can be replaced with a 4K skin of America's favorite treasure hunter. Watching you, every night, while you're sleeping...

Better Settlers

Via NexusMods

Settlers are a key element to Fallout 4's mayor simulator 2000, but it isn't long before you realize that there's a consistent theme to every settler that joins you in any of your humble abodes. They would die in the Wasteland, they have no decent armor, nothing but a default pipe pistol, and no Pip-Boy. All of these are serious flaws, but two of those issues can be solved by Thom293's Better Settlers mod.

Better Settlers focuses on expanding the spawn parameters for every settler that wanders up to your wasteland utopia, giving them a wider range of possible clothing, weapons, and occasionally stimpaks. It's a nice touch that gives each settler not only their own bit of backstory, but hints at the possibility that they somehow managed to survive in the Wasteland long enough to first become an adult and then  to stumble upon your merry men. Thom293 kept the bulk of the gear lore friendly and pretty balanced, so don't expect anyone to walk in with a set of Legendary Power Armor or a spare Gauss Rifle, but you will find that the bulk of your settlers now represent a balanced demographic of Wasteland life.

Craftable Armor Size

Via NexusMods

There's a lot of cool armor in Fallout 4, but it lacks an element of aesthetic variance to satisfy tastes from all walks of life. What if you want your combat armor to be bulkier but offer better protection. Or maybe smaller but easier to sneak in? A lot of people expected Bethesda to implement this kind of customization in the various gear mods available for each piece of kit. The reality was still satisfactory, but far from what people were dreaming of watching the original Fallout 4 gameplay trailers.

Fortunately modder John Doe Bowler is coming to the rescue with his Craftable Armor Size mod, which adds a mod slot allowing you to designate whether a piece of kit is Light, Sturdy, or Heavy, with reasonable bonuses attached to each and a visual difference between the three. John Doe Bowler also added perk requirements and pretty decent item costs to each mod to keep it all nice and lore friendly for those not interested in feeling guilty by somehow breaking the in game balance.

Realistic Death Physics

Via NexusMods

Some of the physics involving deaths in Fallout 4 can be a bit wonky, with the occasional body flopping around the battlefield like an angry walrus after being hit with a single shot from a 10mm pistol. So it's not surprising that there's a mod to make things a little more realistic (even if angry walrus raiders are one of Fallout 4's most endearing charms).

Realistic Death Physics by mm137 focuses on making bodies drop in a much more believable fashion. In mm137's own words, “This mod decreases the amount of force of both melee and ranged attacks (especially crits) to more realistic levels. 10mm bullets knocking raiders into the air? Deathclaws tossing you around like a tennis ball? Dead bodies floating gently to the ground like rose petals? No more!”

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