Fallout 4 Mods of the Week: Role Play, Traits, and the Minutemen Silenced

From enhanced role playing to finally shutting up the Minutemen, here are the latest and greatest Fallout 4 mods. 

Role Play Fallout - RPF

Via NexusMods 

It's been a few months since Fallout 4 rolled off the assembly line, which means that it's the perfect time to start up a brand new playthrough with a few twists to make Fallout 4 seem fresh and new again. Fortunately modder WaRSPiRiTUK has a whole slew of options for us coming out of the gate with Role Play Fallout, a mod that gives you a chance to replay Fallout 4 as some of our favorite characters from the base game.

Step out of the shoes of the sole survivor and enter the Commonwealth as either Cait, Piper, or Preston. Thanks to the power of mods you can look just like them, and thanks to WaRSPiRiTUK you'll start where you normally meet them as the Sole Survivor, with skills and traits tallied accordingly. The last bit is up to you and takes a fair bit of suspension of disbelief and some dedication to playing the game exactly how you would expect these characters to react. The Leader, the Journalist, or the Damaged Fighter, each has a mark to leave on the Commonwealth, but only you can determine what that will be.

Eli's Sleeveless Outfits (Vanilla and CBBE)

Via NexusMods 

Last week we featured one of Elianora's mod compilations that adds a variety of lore-friendly gear perfect for people just getting into the modding world, or even experienced players that were looking for some extra character customization. This week Elianora popped out a brand new armor mod that adds even more armor options, this time sans those sweaty, clingy sleeves.

Perfect for showing off your character's bulging thews or the most recent tattoo mod your character is sporting, each of these items can be fully equipped with combat gear, feature reactive moving pieces attached to the belts, and all in all are proof of Elinora's considerable talent at creating immersive and authentic gear that players want to use.

Traits and More Perks

Via NexusMods

Everybody loves perks. They're a chance to make your character that much stronger, that much cooler, and that much more unique. Previously in Fallout 4 modders have run into barriers with the set in stone perk chart combined with the lack of a dedicated set of mod tools. Fortunately Cirosan found a delightful work-around that allows you to craft the perks and traits you prefer at a chem station and add them or take them away at your leisure.

Of course the perks in Traits and More Perks are only half the title and only about a quarter of the content. Anyone who played New Vegas or any of the earlier renditions of Fallout will remember traits, the have and have not trade-off perks meant to give your player bonuses but to also give them flaws. These flaws are almost always worth the bonuses, but they also exist to give your character a unique element of role play to make a playthrough that much more unique on a day to day basis. Some traits will limit your use of Stimpaks but give you instant buffs to your damage resistance across the board, others will boost your effectiveness helping and communicating with people in the Commonwealth but otherwise lower your total damage output. It's worth noting that any and all of the traits listed in the mod are entirely optional, so if you equip a trait and decide you can't stand it you can always remove it by returning to the chem station and crafting the appropriate item.

Disable Minuteman Radiant Quests

Via NexusMods 

There are few things more annoying in Fallout 4 then Preston Garvey's tendency to snag your attention every chance he gets to let you know how there's another settlement out there that needs a hand because some ghouls halfway across the map took their sweet-roll. It was made even worse in my playthrough after a bug rendered Preston unavailable as a companion, which turned him into a sad bum that was physically unable to even accompany me on those quests. Fortunately modder shad0wshayd3 created a mod to finally silence Preston Garvey's never ending tale of settlements in woe.

Disable Minuteman Radiant Quests performs exactly as advertised, keeping Preston quiet and out of the way while still giving you the option to discover and complete the quests organically as you travel throughout the Commonwealth. This means that you can still complete the main storyline by siding with the Minutemen, but you have the option to keep Preston's nose out of your business and your quest log unless absolutely necessary.

Repairable Sanctuary

Via NexusMods 

Sanctuary has become one of  the most iconic places in Fallout 4. It's the first settlement you come across in the Wasteland and it's often the most customized as well as being the place that the bulk of players call home. Yet there are a few glaring flaws that become readily apparent even after only a few hours building a city out of Sanctuary, from the half-destroyed bridge on the southern side that players can do nothing to fix to the number of houses that can neither be repaired in a sightly manner nor broken down for their valuable starting materials.

Modder Kentington noticed that all of these issues were problems that could easily by solved by the numerous settlers in the area—they just needed a bit of help from a small mod and the Sole Survivor's magic building voodoo. With Repairable Sanctuary you have the option to fully repair each house to a close rendition of its pre-war glory, and also bring the bridge up to a presentable state that might actually handle the herds of pack Brahmin tromping across it every day.

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