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Fallout 4 Mods of the Week: Robot Home Defense, Holiday Cheer, and Elevators

Happy New Year to Lone Survivors everywhere! Another week and another set of Fallout 4 mods to help make your life in the Commonwealth that much more interesting, this time with a bit of a Holiday flair.

Christmas - Santa Claus Power Armor

Via NexusMods

Nothing quite shows off the holiday cheer like a set of themed Power Armor, and in this case the power armor allows you to spread your love of all things Christmas the only way we know how: with a Candycane Minigun and a set of Santa Claus armor that weighs just shy of your average truck. Created and Uploaded by Acacyn, this stylish power armor retexture replaces the Shark texture with a delightful red and white striped paintjob. It's the perfect way to celebrate the holidays or as a set of truly disturbing evening wear for any occasion.

There's a variant of the paint job for every non-raider set of Power Armor, but to access the mod you'll need to find the “Hot Rodder Magazine – Shark,” at the Atom Cats Garage in the lower southeastern corner of the map.

Create Your Own Difficulty Rebalance

Via NexusMods

Not a recent mod but one that somehow managed to fly below our radar until now, Create Your Own Difficulty Rebalance by Vazeron1 is an extremely useful mod for players who love to build their own Survival experience. The default difficulty settings in Fallout 4 are actually pretty fun, but playing on a higher difficulty has a tendency to get extremely grindy when even the lowliest feral ghoul takes a small cart full of ammunition to put in the ground. That's where this mod comes in handy.

The main focus of the mod is to give control of the damage scales to the player, which means that if you want to make the damage dealt to your character triple rather than double on Survival difficulty you can, if you want to make anything and everything tear apart like wet cardboard at the slightest bullet wound (yourself included), you're just a few clicks away, or if you're interested in seeing a large number of Legendaries spawn but don't feel like dealing with all the dangers of a high-damage environment, this mod lets you craft the experience that's most fun for you personally.

Shaikujin's Better warning for settlements being attacked

Via NexusMods

Although settlements add a heck of a lot to Fallout 4, one of the most annoying messages to receive while crawling through the remains of a Boston supermarket is that you failed to defend one of your settlements—which for most of us means that while gunning down a small army of feral ghouls our cluttered miscellaneous quest tab failed to properly notify us that a barrel full of Super Mutants were all set to roll down the hill towards our favorite riverside vista.

Fortunately modder Shaikujin has a solution that turns the easy-to-miss quest update into a much more obvious notification that's nigh impossible to miss, and that also tells you what kind of attack to expect when you get boots on the ground. It's one of those small tweaks that makes a huge difference.

Diamond City Christmas Radio

Via NexusMods

There's something about holiday music that brightens up even the darkest days, right up until we've heard the same four Christmas songs plastered across the radio six to seven thousand times in a two-month period. Of course until that point comes around we might as well add a few of our favorites to the Commonwealth so we can rampage and quest through post-apocalyptic Boston to the merry tunes that will haunt our minds for months to come!

Diamond City Christmas Radio by OldManMose77 adds over 70 holiday-themed tracks to Diamond City Radio, but focuses on keeping the titles period-specific for the Fallout 1950's theme, as well as excluding some of the songs that you've probably heard every possible iteration of over the last couple months.

Proto Vault Suit

Via NexusMods

Possibly the best re-texture of the vanilla Vault 111 jumpsuit we've found so far, the Proto Vault Suit by nitronizer gives your Vault suit a much appreciated upgrade, it's a nice option for people that love the vanilla vault suit but need a bit of a switch up after wearing it for the entire game, or because you're frustrated that every other decent bit of kit in the game requires you to ditch all the combat armor that's kept your body from exploding into a million pieces at a single bullet wound.

Either way nitronizer's Proto Vault Suit looks fantastic and comes in several color variations to really make your Survivor look fantastic in Vault-Tec's finest.

Craftable Elevators

Via NexusMods

There are definitely a few things that Bethesda could have added to Settlements to make things a little easier to traverse, and DDProductions found that it seemed ludicrous that you could build an advanced missile turret out of cans and bits of scrap, but that one of the world's simplest machines, an elevator, didn't make the cut. Fortunately, as a modder, he was able to fix the problem.

Enter Craftable Elevators, a mod that adds five different elevator options to the settlement system for simple up-down vertical movement. Right now you still need to build a separate elevator for each floor, but it's worth it to save the hassle of dealing with Fallout 4's rather temperamental stairwells. Each elevator can also snap to floors, walls, and rooftops to adjacent squares, making integrating them into your build extremely simple. 

Robot Home Defense

Via NexusMods

Robot Home Defense is one of the coolest settlement mods on the Nexus right now — not just because it gives you the option to build beefy home murder machines to defend your settlements for you, but because modder TheTalkieToaster is the kind of guy who pays attention to the little things.

Not only can you set your robotic companions to defend a settlement, but you can build them small docking stations, have them travel with you in the Wasteland as a private robot army, and even build less combat-effective robotic companions to boost settlement happiness and add flavor to any build. It's perfect for someone looking to RP a player that's disgusted with humanity after the death of a loved one, or for someone who really wants their settlements to feel like an up-and-coming bastion of pre-war technology.

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