Fallout 4 Mods of the Week: Raider Overhaul, Portal Guns, and the Modular Home of your dreams

Fallout 4's modding community never fails to create new content to bring Fallout 4 to a whole new level, and this week we've got a host of new mods that make the game a little bit more difficult, a bucket and a half more insane, and make exploring the Commonwealth in the name of science all the more interesting.

Institute Portal Gun

Via NexusMods

Far away vistas, concealed areas of the map that even jetpacks fail to conquer, Science – all things that are held holy by a few of the mad scientists wandering the Institute after late night hologame marathons. It was inevitable really that they'd band together with modder ElPolloAzul to create something to make managing the Institute's many stairwells and various confusing hallways a simple task, and it was also inevitable that it would one day make its way into the hands of the Lone Survivor.

As you would expect, Institute Portal Gun adds a unique weapon to the Commonwealth that creates a very familiar set of portals and allows you to teleport freely between locations thanks to the power of trans-dimensional space magic! The portal gun is far from Aperture Science approved, but it does allow you to fire two distinct portal effects and teleport between them. You'll need to re-equip the portal gun to change the color of the portal, but it's possibly the closest we'll get to having a serious portal gun in Fallout 4, and it definitely makes exploring some of the hard-to-reach areas of the greater Boston heights a heck of a lot more fun. Just make sure to use it while wearing a set of power armor – a misplaced portal can get you a one-way ticket off the edge of a skyscraper, so save often and watch out for that fall damage.

Raider Overhaul WIP

Via NexusMods

The raiders are easily one of the most common enemies you'll find yourself casually blasting into smithereens across the Commonwealth, so if you're feeling a bit disappointed with the garden variety raiders of Fallout 4 with their rebar power armor and odd bits of leather and clunky steel combat gear, take a good long look at Raider Overhaul WIP by MadMAX713.

As the name suggests, Raider Overhaul WIP brings a hell of a lot of spice to the raider faction as a whole. It adds wild and crazy gear, fancy paintjobs to a number of vanilla items, and a whole host of new combat armor, in general making the raiders the kind of faction that stands a chance of actually dominating the Commonwealth. As it stands right now, Raider Overhaul adds nearly 30 new items to the base game, new chems, weapons, and general gear that can only be found by tackling some of the toughest raiders in the wastes. Keep in mind that this overhaul also gives raiders a heck of a difficulty revamp, which makes it a great way to ramp up your adventures, but if you're currently struggling to down a vanilla raider in your survival rebalance be prepared for a challenge.

Simply Modular Housing – SMH

Via NexusMods

The settlement system is without a doubt one of the greatest creative features in Fallout 4, but one of the unfortunate setbacks of the system as a whole is the lack of a really detailed house-building mechanic. Sure, you can place pre-set modular rooms and a whole host of pre-built structures, but if you really want to create a detailed house or home, you're left with a pretty low-quality set of building pieces that are constantly refusing to place or snap together. It can send the average builder into a murder frenzy when making a simple two-room townhouse is nigh impossible without use of the developer console.

For those that are fed up with the murder frenzy, modder Stuyk created Simply Modular Housing – SMH, a mod that focuses on allowing the player to create any home that they can imagine by using a system of pillars, foundations, and creative snap-build mechanics that make building your own mansion, wasteland shack, or raider palace easy and simple as can be. Heck, the mod even gives you flooring and wallpaper options – what more could you ask for in a dilapidated post-apocalyptic wasteland simulator?

Any Mod Any Weapon

Via NexusMods

This mod is nothing new to the modding scene, but somehow it floated just under our radar until now, and as a fan of wacky, insane, and completely nonsensical weaponry, and the genius minds behind them, it appeals on so many levels that you can definitely expect to see it in a RadPack in the near future.

The concept is fairly straight-forward but tremendously fun in practice. Once you've installed LucasGod's Any Mod Any Weapon you'll be able to slap axe blades on katanas, gatling laser barrels to .44 revolvers, and generally any piece of high or low tech equipment to your favorite weapons. Ever wanted a pistol that fires mini nukes? A boxing glove with a machete strapped to the knuckles? The possibilities are limitless, and it's worth more than a little time to mix and match to make something that's entirely your own. It's almost like you're building your own unique weapon to strike fear in the hearts of your enemies. Good times.

Fallout IV – Gore Overhaul – 3.0

Via NexusMods

In earlier Fallout titles Bethesda was more than a little generous with the blood and gore, but despite the updated graphical engine Fallout 4 always felt just a little bit more toned down. Like they knew that they could be insanely bloody but they really didn't want to cross some kind of line that they left in the dust back in Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

For those of you looking to bring that gore back to the Commonwealth, modder Nero1n created Fallout IV – Gore Overhaul – 3.0. It takes all the blood and guts and bits of brain that used to paint the battlefield in Fallout 3, and brings it to the next generation. Keep in mind that this is far from a mod for the squeamish, but it does add a frightening level of realism and almost disgusting level of detail to every aspect of blowing a raider's arm off with a shotgun. But if you're really a fan of gore, this mod is for you.

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