Fallout 4 Mods of the Week: Castles and Nuclear Weather

It's another beautiful week in the Commonwealth, which means it's the perfect time to go over some of the latest and greatest mods. 

Build A Castle

Via NexusMods 

It was nice of Bethesda to give us a massive fort to play around with, to customize to our liking, and to call our home. Yet it's definitely not the kind of castle that my melee-only character and self-proclaimed spiritual successor to Grognak had in mind. Fortunately DDProductions83 came soaring to our rescue with his Build A Castle mod.

Build A Castle adds a number of settlement structures themed distinctly around medieval castles and their like, allowing you to build Sanctuary into the fortress of your 200-plus-year cryogenic dreams. Once installed simply stroll over to any chemistry station and craft yourself the "Castle Plasma Grenade," which will load all the relevant structures into your settlement menu so you can craft at your leisure. Then when you're done going medieval on the Commonwealth you can stow away the grenade and find your menus squeaky clean and organized.

Nuclear Weather

Via NexusMods 

We've featured a few weather mods in this series before, and all of them have been varrying degrees of stunning. Few are quite as breathtaking and downright cool as Nuclear Weather by Densaleagion.

Nuclear Weather adds six dynamic weather events to the Commonwealth that might not be perfectly lore-friendly but that do a lot to make the Commonwealth feel like a living, fluctuating entity reminiscent of The Zone from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. franchise. From nuclear firestorms that drop hell out of the sky to ion storms that send energy rippling across the open ground, each and every weather event is dramatic and a little frightening, but if you love the feeling of being surrounded by a storm as the elements rage around you then this mod is worth downloading. Just be mindful of the acid rain, it's about as fun as it sounds.

NCR Ranger Veteran Armor

Via NexusMods 

Fallout: New Vegas had a lot of things that made it great, from detailed writing and highly varied factions to some of the coolest arms and armors to ever grace the Fallout franchise. One prized bit of gear is undoubtedly the NCR Ranger Duster and all the sweet long coat justice that came along with it.

So it came as no surprise to anyone when modders DogtoothCG and Unoctium created a mod to add the NCR Ranger Veteran Armor and the iconic anti-material rifle into Fallout 4 for people that wanted to bring a little bit of the Mojave to the Institute's front porch. Finding the armor can be a challenge, but if you've progressed down the main story even a little bit you'll find it no problem. Otherwise look Kellog up in Diamond City, word has it he's run into the Rangers before.

Throwing Rocks (Behemoth Rocks)

Via Nexus Mods

We might live in glass houses, but throwing small boulders at cars, trains, Raiders, and the occasional helpless Molerat is good clean fun. Definitely not lore-friendly despite the fact that you're technically just throwing rocks, Throwing Rocks by KillaKrux is one of the more entertaining mods we've come across this week.

This mod adds a grenade item that can only be spawned in by the console, but when thrown instead creates one of the car-wheel-sized stones that Super Mutant Behemoths occasionally chuck at Vertibirds, Radroaches, and Vault Dwellers. The satisfaction of beaning a charging feral ghoul in the face with a stone larger than its torso is the kind of thing that keeps us going on rainy days.

Snap'n Build – Roofs

Via NexusMods

If castles aren't really your schtick then take a look at Snap'n Build – Roofs by ad3d0 which continues the success of other Snap'n Build mods by adding 16 craftable rooftops to Fallout 4.

Now you can finally create fully functional settlement buildings that are both leak-free and appropriately canted to shed the tremendous load that nuclear winter can put on the shoulders of your household. The best part is that, like all Snap'n Build mods, each roof will automatically snap and adhere to any four walls that your heart desires.

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