Fallout 4 Mods of the Week: Camping, Visible Weapons, and Unlimited Companions

After a short hiatus to focus on some of Fallout 4's new DLCs, we're back for more mods of the week! With the G.E.C.K. already in closed beta, the modding community is exploding with new content and is ready for the dedicated tools it needs to truly overhaul Fallout 4 like they’ve done every other Bethesda title before it.

Campsite - Simple Wasteland Camping (and HD Sleeping Bags)

Via NexusMods

The Commonwealth is a dangerous place, but within that danger is a lot of beauty, and sometimes all you want to do is take it all in at your campsite. Unfortunately, camping is, for the most part, not part of the Fallout 4 experience. But with Survival Mode on the way, everyone was hoping that we would see some kind of ability to build a camp anywhere and everywhere to make saving in a bed simpler, and to add to the general survival feel of the game. But as of the last patch, there's no hint of these mechanics on the horizon.

Yet, what are mods for if not to add and, at times, improve on the experience of a game? And thanks to the work of the highly talented modder fadingsignal, camping in all its wonderful wood-smokey glory is now more than a viable option. The mod titled Campsite – Simple Wasteland Camping (and HD Sleeping Bags) does exactly as advertised, allowing you to craft a number of items that, when activated, will create a small modular campsite anywhere in the Commonwealth.

This includes tents, sleeping bags, campfires, even a custom pet bed for Dogmeat (with custom relaxing animations), all of which can be placed (and picked up) in any space with enough room to accommodate the gear, with absolutely no settlement or workshop requirement. This is one of the more well thought out mods we've seen so far in Fallout 4, and we highly recommend giving it a try. Almost every item has a distinct purpose, and is meant to both make real world sense and add heavily to the camping experience you've been hoping for from Fallout 4. Random friendly NPCs and companions will even join you by your campfire and relax while you take it all in, which adds a strange feeling of community in the vastness of the Commonwealth's wasteland. 

See a full breakdown in this video.

Unlimited Companion Framework

Via NexusMods

The Commonwealth can be a lonely place, and recruiting a friend can be a welcome change to the hundreds of Super Mutants, Feral Ghouls, and Raiders that are only interested in tearing your skin off one inch at a time. Yet with so many companions to choose from in Fallout 4, it can be frustrating to pick just one, especially when it means that everyone's favorite companion, Dogmeat, has to stay at Red Rocket all by his lonesome.

Fortunately, modder Expired6978 has the solution in the form of Unlimited Companion Framework, a mod that makes it possible to recruit an unlimited number of gun-toting pack mules to carry you from Vault 111 to the Institute. There are a few limitations to keep in mind – only the first 15 companions you recruit will have open dialogue options, after which any additional troops you add to your army will only generate a generic dialogue response like any random nonessential NPC. Although, if you ever feel the need to travel with more than 15 companions you might want to reconsider your difficulty rebalance.

Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster

Via NexusMods

Immersion can be a tricky thing to nail down in any video game, but one of the most common and simple illusion breakers we see in today's RPGs seems to be over holstering and unholstering your weapon. Yes, we understand that there's no way we can have all sixty of our rifles latched to every square inch of our body, but there's something so satisfying about seeing your favorite gun or melee weapon strapped to your thigh or your back – it looks cool and it's comforting somehow to know that it's within easy reach in the event of trouble. Whipping a rocket launcher or a sniper rifle out of our left butt cheek or the roomy confines of our PipBoy just isn't the same.

Modder registrator2000 snatched the concept up and created Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster to compensate, a mod that allows you to strap your equipped weapon to your brawny shoulders whenever it isn't in your hands. Keep in mind that this mod is the exact opposite of standalone and requires one of a number of companion mods that add apparel models for the holstered version of your weapons. There are a number already out that support the vanilla guns and melee weapons, but some modded weapons may not have proper support yet. This mod allows you to link the real time weapon item with the apparel equivalent, and will swap between equipping the two. So you can have a sniper rifle on your back and a katana in your hand, or a pistol on your hip and a shotgun on your back, depending on your preference.

Scouter by Ruddy88

Via NexusMods

There's nothing like waking up in the Commonwealth and going on a grand and epic quest searching for Dragonballs-errr, Shaun, I meant looking for Shaun. Either way, having a Scouter on hand is always helpful, and does a lot to raise the cool factor of your character as much as it helps scout out the enemy. 

Enter Ruddy88's Scouter mod, which adds several in-game Dragonball Z themed Scouters that can be tricked out with Night Vision, a Targeting HUD, a Tracking Module that functions like a Recon Scope, and, as a special treat, a Focus Enhancer which acts like a dose of Jet when aiming down the sights of your gun. It might not reveal an enemy's power level, but there's already a perk for that so we can't judge. For the ultimate experience, be sure to hand these over to all your companions, especially Dogmeat.

Modern Firearms (Gunsmith Edition)

Via NexusMods

Guns! There's nothing quite as satisfying as good ol' gunpowder and lead. Although the Commonwealth is chock full of interesting and unique weapons, there's something to be said for having a reliable, high damage bullet bouncer to ventilate a pack of roaming Feral Ghouls before they rip all the tender bits off your corpse. Despite the fact that almost every other Fallout game has both modern and pre-WW2 weaponry, Fallout 4 has a particular focus on some of the more archaic lead bangers and completely ignores the fact that over a hundred years of weaponry development occurs before the great war hits the fan. Sure, we have lasers guns, plasma throwers, and gauss cannons but let's face it, gunsmiths weren't going to simply ditch traditional firearms after the combat rifle.

The good news is that mods are to the rescue once again, and modders Idlesheep and WhiteShades have us covered with Modern Firearms (Gunsmith Edition), which adds eight fully tweakable weapons to the game based off of the famous AR family, and a few other fan favorites. All of the weaponry is loaded into the level list, which means every enemy has the potential to spawn and use these new pieces of kit right out of the Vault, making it more than just a cool weapon mod but a nice gameplay change to boot.

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