Fallout 4 Mods of the Week: Bullet Time, Locational Damage, and Fully Tunable HUDs

We've got another fine batch of mods for Fallout 4 on display this week, handcrafted by the modding community to help you make Fallout 4 even better.

Wasteland Sniper by Hothtrooper44

Via NexusMods 

One of the most popular player archetypes way back in Fallout: New Vegas was that of a dedicated sniper, a one-shot one-kill mentality that focused on using sneak and V.A.T.S. to avoid damage and dangerous situations with a single strike of overwhelming force. Unfortunately in Fallout 4 the sniper role isn't quite as well supported, but that didn't stop modder Hothtrooper44 from creating a high quality armor set that absolutely screams wasteland sniper.

The armor focuses on number of Commonwealth-appropriate shades of camouflage and utility focused pockets to carry plenty of supplies and ammo, along with a characteristically post-apocalyptic hood to really make your character look unique in the wasteland.

Bullet Time – Slow Time

Via NexusMods 

Bullet time mods go with Fallout games like peanut butter and honey, that awesome combination that's not the standard but that everyone loves anyway. They're a way to take a bit of the V.A.T.S. system out of the game and serve players that prefer a system that encourages reliance on skill and aim rather than the unfortunate potential for RNG to cause a 95% chance to hit to miss three times in a row.

Bullet Time – Slow Time by Registrator2000 isn't the first bullet time mod to pop up for Fallout 4 but it is one of the best implementations we've seen so far. Registrator2000's mod gives us full control over the speed of the slowdown, what button we can set bullet time to activate on, and the relative speed that your AP drains while bullet time is active. All in all it's a great replacement for V.A.T.S. if you've never been fond of the system or if you just prefer having a nice alternative to Bethesda's default with the ability to balance it specifically to your tastes.

Better Locational Damage

Via NexusMods 

Better Locational Damage by Zzyxzz is the ultimate solution for players that were craving a more realistic look at damage in Fallout 4, or that were hoping for a system of damage that really takes advantage of the tighter, more skill-based gameplay elements added into Fallout 4.

Zzyxzz's goal with Better Locational Damage was to take Fallout 4 away from its more bullet spongy policy towards damage and into a situation where you'll be rewarded for accurate aim centered around an enemy's weak spots. To that end enemies are no longer likely to die from a stray round to the toe, but a consistent barrage of rounds to the chest or a single round to the head will often do the job. It's an awesome mod for people who love high stakes gameplay, and even better for people interested in adding a significant level of realism to Fallout 4.

DEF_HUD – Fully tunable HUD

Via NexusMods 

Heads-up displays can be tricky to pull off in any game mostly because everyone has a specific preference for how they like to keep things organized or sized for their specific gameplay style. Some people love small HUDs, some people like large HUDs, some people like no HUD at all, and even within that range some people prefer their compass to be large but dialogue to be small, or any of a hundred other modifications and tweaks. A single glance at ten different World of Warcraft players' mod lists will show you a dramatically different HUD setup for each and every one.

That's why DEF_HUD – Fully Tunable HUD by Neanka is so fantastic. As the name suggests, it allows players to manually modify almost every component of their HUD short of changing the assets themselves. You can resize, remove, change position, and otherwise modify the HUD to exactly how you like it. After installing just navigate to Fallout4/Data/Interface and open the file HUDMenuSet.swf file using Abobe Flash Player, and you'll be able to tweak Fallout 4's HUD to your heart's content.

Standalone NCR Ranger Sequoia .44 Magnum Mods

Via NexusMods

Last week we featured a mod that brought one of the most iconic armors from Fallout: New Vegas to the loving hands of Commonwealth citizens, and this week to continue that trend modder Rakul aka GrindOne created a full standalone re-texture of the .44 magnum to match the distinct style and aesthetic of the Ranger Sequoia revolver. Although the original revolver is chambered with the almost ridiculously oversized 45-70 gov't rounds, we won't get our hands on a perfect recreation of the iconic revolver until the G.E.C.K. is realized later this year.

In the meantime Rakul (aka GrindOne) has done a fine job re-texturing the .44 magnum into a spiritual successor of the original NCR Ranger revolver. There are two versions available for download, either a full replacement mod that changes all .44 revolvers in the game into Rakul's variant or a standalone option that allows you to re-texture the revolver by crafting and applying the specific weapon mods.

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