Fallout 4 Mods of the Week:  Nuka Gear, NukaMons, and Tiny Tina

Fallout 4's Nuka World DLC may be the last bit of official content we'll see from Bethesda in the Fallout franchise for a while, but the modding community is hell bent on keeping the game alive for years to come. And there's something amazing about that, even as we watch the final chapter for Fallout 4 come to a close. So without further ado, let's take at this week's mods of the week!

M2045 Magnum Revolver Rifle

Via NexusMods

Sometimes when you're dealing with enemies as beefy as Deathclaws, and as Tanky as Gunners in Power Armor, you need a gun that you know is going to kill something when you pull the trigger, and you don't want to have to ask it twice. Which is where the M2045 Magnum Revolver Rifle comes in.

A concept art brought to life by modder The Rizzler, the M2045 Magnum Revolver Rifle is a beautiful example of Anti-Tank weaponry that's just got a little too much kick for the average infantryman, which is why it was largely taken out of service before the Power Armor became a common military theme. But with the advent of personal walking tanks that scoff at little things like “recoil” and “potentially explosive misfires,” the M2045 quickly saw limited but effective use on the battlefield.

The M2045 Magnum is one of the cooler weapon mods we've seen roll out this year, carrying both an interesting story and a can-do will-kill attitude that's tough to ignore. It's even fully modable for anyone brave enough to try and slap a suppressor on the end of the barrel.

Nuka Gear

Via NexusMods

With Nuka World set to quench all of our Nuka Cola needs it seems appropriate to take a look at one of the best recreations of the Nuka Girl outfit from some of the biggest names in the modding community.  Nuka Gear adds five sets of Nuka Girl-inspired armor, three themed after different flavors of Nuka-Cola and both Vault-themed and 2077-themed versions for you to enjoy. Also included is a custom Nuka Blaster and the ability to craft Nukatovs if you've got the explosive chops to use the recipe at a chemistry station.

All of this was brought to you by the combined efforts of modders Elianora, Ellise, and DDProductions83, and it's a fantastic mod to install if you're getting ready to dive into Bethesda's Nuka Cola theme park, giving you everything you need to integrate seamlessly with the population of raiders and countless creatures mutated... I mean, “refreshed,” by the close proximity to Nuka-Cola's mechanical wonderland.

Tinas Cookiepocolypse

Via NexusMods

Ever get that feeling that there just isn't enough dark, brutal, ridiculously over-the-top humor in Fallout 4? Wel,l love her or hate her, Borderlands' Tiny Tina is rolling down the street to Sanctuary to fix that for anyone and everyone.

Tinas Cookiepocolypse brings Tiny Tina into the Fallout 4 world for a series of quests designed by DDProductions83 to integrate over 30 of his mods into Fallout 4 as seemlessly as a Brahmin hopping off an overpass to crush Preston Garvey in a blast of confetti. Your primary objective is to gather lost and stolen cookies from across the Commonwealth which you can then use to trade for a number of DDProduction83's modded items while also completing a number of quests that are absolutely loaded with action packed fun, and of course Tiny Tina. Which if you're a fan of the character is more than enough reason to download the mod by itself, and it you're not we suggest still taking a trip through the quests, because they're fun even without Tina's quality commentary (just be sure to bind your mute button to your mouse and you should be fine).

NukaMon Capture Ball

Via NexusMods

It's terrible that unmodded Fallout 4 doesn't have a dedicated system for shoving the creatures and NPCs of the wasteland into small red and white balls so that you can eventually throw them like fleshy clawed grenades at your enemies.

Fortunately modder ElPolloAzul spent long hours setting his significant intellect to the task, and now we have NukaMon Capture Balls at our fingertips. ElPolloAzul has sent us on a dire mission to be the very best, the best there ever was, by capturing creatures and people in the wasteland and using them to smite your enemies.

To craft NukaMon Capture Balls you'll need a bit of glass and a bottle of refreshing Nuka-Cola, which will net you 10 Capture Balls that can be thrown at entities around the Commonwealth, if you're lucky you'll snag that level 176 Glowing Deathclaw and next time you throw the Capture Ball that same creature will pop out, 100% more friendly for a limited time!

Journal of the Sole Survivor

Via NexusMods

With the final official story of the Commonwealth rolling out of Bethesda's shop, it's important that we spend some time thinking about the future of the story in the Commonwealth. It's now up to us to create our own stories and adventures from what they've left behind. It's the beauty of the modded world, and it's the beauty of an open world.

To help you chronicle your adventures modder registrator2000 created Journal of the Sole Survivor, which allows you to write custom notes and even complex journal entries right on your Pip-Boy. To get started you'll need to head to your home in Sanctuary Hills and snag the holodisk. Pop it in your Pip-Boy and you can write anything from a Shakespearean drama to a note to remember to pick up some ceramic for your Power Armor. The holodisk also works when plugged into any terminal, which is a nice way of making your settlement feel a lot more like home. 

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