Fallout 4: Islander's Almanac and Far Harbor Collectibles Guide

Far Harbor is huge, and although there are more than a few modders working on a project that'll make it look tiny in comparison, it's still the largest playable area that Bethesda's released in a single DLC. As a result of that size it's also absolutely filled to the brim with powerful new items and a set of Islander's Almanacs that not only give the player unique perks, but also unlock one of the more elusive achievements in the Far Harbor DLC. So let's take a walk through the Fog and show you exactly where you can find some of the best non-story related items in the game.

Islander's Almanacs

There are five Almanacs spread throughout Far Harbor, and fortunately they're all available without having to venture too deep into any of the DLC's story missions, just be prepared to take a few rads and to fight more than a few of the island's not so friendly inhabitants along the way.

Almanac #1

Location: The Last Plank

Bonus: Unlocks several key areas around the Island

You'll find the first Almanac only a few short minutes after stepping off the boat. Chip in to defend the harbor if you want, and then take a stroll down to the local pub appropriately titled the Last Plank for a pint of Vim. While you're inside, check out the table in the corner to the right of where Longfellow is relaxing and the first Almanac will be yours. This Almanac reveals a few key locations on your map and adds plenty of reference points for your adventures across the island.

Almanac #2

Location: Acadia

Bonus: 10% less radiation damage from attacks

Our next stop also comes early in the DLC, and simply requires you to make your way to the local Synth outpost known as Acadia. You can either make your way there on your own or wait until the main story progresses far enough for Longfellow to guide you there.

Once inside, make your way downstairs to the general commons area where the bulk of the Synths have their sleeping quarters. Directly in front of the weapon and armor workbenches is a short curved counter where you'll find the second Almanac. This Almanac is a bit more useful because it gives you a small amount of protection from the radiation damage that many of the island's creatures and somewhat insane cultists dole out on the regular.

Almanac #3

Location: National Park Visitor's Center

Bonus: Unlocks several recipes for Sludge at the Chemistry Station

The third Almanac is a short run northwest of Acadia to the National Park Visitor's Center. Be extremely careful as you approach either gate because the area is full of traps and mines just waiting to send your leg via air mail to the nearest shallow grave. Be sure to set plenty of your own traps behind you, because once you get inside you'll be confronted by the settlement’s owner and soon after attacked by a large number of Trappers. You'll have a few short seconds to set up some turrets using the workshop and the fight is pretty straightforward from there.  It's also worth noting that this area is part of a side quest to help out the Last Plank's bartender Mitch, but you may not unlock it until you gain the Harbormen's trust later on in the DLC.

Once the Trappers are sporting their own shallow graves, head into the main building and through the doorway to the right, below the gill shop sign. On the curved desk just inside is the third Almanac. This bit of Islander wisdom unlocks the ability to craft the various Sludge recipes at the Chemistry Station, they're of questionable value, but they do allow you to turn the constant rad damage of the Fog into a positive as much as a negative, which is a nice touch. 

Almanac #4

Location: Northwood Ridge Quarry

Bonus: 5% less damage from Mirelurk melee attacks

Our next stop is Northwood Ridge Quarry on the mid southern edge of the Island. Just like most of the quarries in vanilla Fallout 4, Northwood Ridge is filled to the brim with a number of high-level enemies, including a Mirelurk Queen and a whole host of Trappers. Take your time and let the baddies duke it out and then clean up what's left. Or, if you're feeling particularly adventurous, weaken the Trappers, then move into the small bungalow overlooking the quarry proper and you'll find a small button which will detonate a series of explosive charges down below. It's not going to kill the Mirelurk Queen but it'll kill off some of the smaller Mirelurks and make clearing the area much simpler.

Once everything is good and dead, take a stroll down to the bottom of the quarry and through the door on the Northernmost wall. It's a little hard to find, but just look for the small wooden bridge built by the trappers and it should be just to the North.

Once inside, you'll need to clear another small group of Trappers and make your way to the top floor of the small living area in the back. Be careful not to use any explosives in this area because it can easily send the Almanac flying off to Atom knows where. The Almanac is located on a small metal table at the foot of the bed, but if it isn't there odds are it was flung across the room while you were clearing out the Trappers. If you can find it nearby on the ground you're golden, otherwise you might need to reload the save and try again. The fourth Alamanc gives you a nice bit of damage resistance from Mirelurks and all relevant variants of the creatures, which makes surviving the island just that much easier for the near future.

Almanac #5

Location: Brooke's Head Lighthouse

Bonus: 5% higher VATS chance to hit animals you're in combat with

Our final Almanac is just to the South of Northwood Ridge Quarry, just off the coastline at Brooke's Head Lighthouse. If you've managed to complete most of the quests for a certain revenge-obsessed Harborman you may have already found this remote island lighthouse.

Otherwise, expect to clear out a large band of Trappers as you approach the area - you'll need to kill your way all the way to the back of the settlement and make your way to the top of the lighthouse itself. This is another case of going light on the explosive shotgun shells and grenades because you really don't want to accidentally send the Almanac flying out the window.  Sitting on a small shelf next to a vase of flowers and a sink is the final Almanac and hopefully an achievement for finding all of Far Harbor's equivalent to the Wasteland Survival Guide. This randy little magazine will also give you a 5% bonus in VATS to shoving a shotgun down that Deathclaw's throat before he rips you into bite sized nuggets.

Bowling with a bottle of VIM and a suit of power armor

Far Harbor adds a boatload of new weapons and gear to Fallout 4, but a number of them are specifically locked behind various quests and side quests within the main DLC, which could easily venture into various degrees of spoiler territory for the main plot. The following guides will show you how to find some of the unique gear available from Far Harbor that isn't tied to quests, vendors, or otherwise linked to the main story.

The Striker

Location: Beaver Creek Lanes

The Unique Fatman for the Bowling Extraordinaire

The Striker is a unique variant of the Fat Man that launches good ol' American bowling balls rather than the mini nukes that are so well known to kill friend and foe alike. You'll need to specially prepare the ammo with a bowling ball and various household chemicals, but the satisfaction of smashing a feral ghoul's kneecap with the Striker's extra 50% chance to cripple a limb is well worth going the extra mile.

You can find the Striker within Beaver Creek Lanes, just a short sprint out of Far Harbor proper. There's a whole horde of Feral Ghouls outside and within but it's nothing that a silenced weapon and a bit of knifework can't take care of.

Once inside, you'll need to work your way through more ghouls, then cut to the right through the cafeteria and down a long hallway to a short set of stairs. Make your way up into the main offices and you'll find the Striker delicately perched on a set of vices beside a Chemistry Station and a Weapons Workbench. Be sure to pick the bowling alley clean of your newly found source of ammo and have fun crunching your way through the Far Harbor wildlife and raider traffic in terrific fashion.

VIM Power Armor

Location: VIM! Pop Factory

Stylish Evening Wear for any VIM sponsored event

Although you won't find a large cache of Power Armor stockpiled across Far Harbor, there is a single notable set of fully functional T-51 hiding away with a special bit of VIM magic spread liberally along the outer hull.

You can find this special set of gear at the VIM! Pop Factory, just northeast of Northwood Ridge Quarry. You'll need to prepare for Super Mutants both small and large, but if you've been cruising through Far Harbor without a set of Power Armor up to this point it shouldn't be much of an issue.

Weave your way past the various Super Mutant junk down to the loading dock and through the set of double blue doors hiding behind the destroyed semi. Clear out a few more Super Mutants in the factory itself and make your way up to the workshop on the third floor via the metal stairwell running along the  walls. You'll find a set of T-51 waiting patiently for you, surrounded by cans of yellow and blue paint in all it's VIM-filled glory. Stat wise the power armor is nothing special, but it makes for a nice set piece or fancy paperweight for whatever settlement you call home.