fallout 4 how to find the syringer

Fallout 4: How to get the Syringer rifle

Fallout 4 has more than its share of dangerous chems and poisonous fauna. Of course, unlike in New Vegas, most of these chems and poisons are saved solely for the player, and it isn't long before you're stashing them in your workshops or hawking them off at a local trader just to get rid of them.

For the lucky few that have found the Syringer rifle, these chems and poisons become something much more useful. The Syringer allows you to fire potent, specially crafted syringes at your enemies with a wide range of useful effects, from simple damage to hallucinations that make enemies attack their allies. With the right syringe you can even confuse them enough that you'll be able to sneak right past without any issues.

The Syringer is a lot like Fallout 3's Dart Gun with a much wider variety of applications. If you want to get your hands on one you'll need to brave some dangerous hospitals and research facilities, and be willing to give some blood yourself.

Here's how to pick up the Syringer. 

1. Head South, way South, to the Greater Mass Blood Clinic

There are several confirmed locations of the weapon scattered around the game, but the easiest option to nab the weapon early or late game is the Greater Mass Blood Clinic just south of Fort Hagen. It's midway down the West side of the map, and you can get there by heading almost directly South from Sanctuary. Just bring snacks because it's a bit of a long walk. 

2. Be careful when approaching the area

Bloatflies and Bloodbugs have infested the area feeding off the gruesome contents of the clinic. Take a little time to circle around and clear them out from a distance and you'll be fine. If you're anywhere near late game you should be able to clear them without a problem, but we'll structure this guide assuming you're a low level player trying to get the Syringer with minimal hassle.

3. Avoid the main entrance

You can loot the front room for some scrap and salvage if you want to, but the hallways leading off the front office are mostly collapsed, making it impossible to access the rest of the clinic from here. Just be careful of the bloodbug on the wall to the right of the door. If you sneak in just around the doorway you should have plenty of time to nail him before he jumps you -- or you can dispatch him with a handy Molotov. 

Your real target is the hole in the wall just around the corner to the left, past the transport van.

4. Head Upstairs

There are three levels to the blood clinic, and if you don't have one already you should take the stairs to the third floor to grab the Short Combat Rifle on the roof. It has enough damage to make mincemeat of most of the mobs in this area. Watch out for the bloatflies and the bloodbug buzzing around on the second floor.

5. Drop Down

Our main objective is on the second level. In true Fallout 4 fashion we're looking for a hole in the floor that will let us bypass the collapsed hallways below. The one we're aiming for is just in front of the sofa in the center of the room.

You'll also notice a locked terminal that, if you have the hacking perks, will give you access to a small side lab with some chems, a caps stash, a skill magazine, and a chem station that you can visit later if you want to make some ammo for the Syringer.

6. Prepare the Area

You'll drop into a small lab with a terminal and some decent salvage. Once you're done looking around, move into the next room and down the stairs to a short hallway with a blue doorway on the left. Don't open the door yet, as there's an Infected Bloodbug with a small group of friends just on the other side, and you'll want to set a few traps to make dealing with him much easier.

Now comes the time for explosives. If you have any mines, now is the time to whip 'em out and lay 'em down.

I found that it worked best to place a few mines on the ground in front of the door, then a few more on the shelf and boxes to the left. I also added the extinguisher from the top of the stairs to the pile for some extra boom.

Because the Bloodbug can fly the mines on the shelf maximize how close the explosion is to its hitbox, giving us some more bang for our buck as far as damage goes.

7. Execution

The next part can be a bit tricky, so save before you get going. Once you open the door you'll want to immediately target the bloodbug hatchling on the far side of the room. Blast him to bits then put a round into the oil on the ground in the right corner of the room. The oil will ignite and do a bit of damage to anything nearby. If you're feeling brave try and turn to the left and take out the bloatfly in the corner so he doesn't prematurely spring your trap.

8. Book it

The time for bravery is over, and you're going to want to retreat back down the hallway to the bottom of the stairs so you aren't sitting on top of your mines when they go off. The Infected Bloodwing has a tendency to go wander into the back room even if you've killed his friends, but you should be able to lure him out by taking a few potshots through the rubble or shooting the walls around you. Once he sees you as a threat he should run right for you, and trigger your mines in the process. 

9. Grab the rifle and loot the area

The Syringer will be in a lab just up ahead on a table in the center of the room. Be sure to grab the key to the left of the rifle so you can get out through the blue door at the top of the stairs.

You'll also want to take a stroll through the back room and fill up on blood bags for healing. They're not quite as good as some of the food you find in the game but they'll restore a decent amount of health for zero rad cost, and there's a lot of them hanging about. There's also a small stash of chems secreted away behind one of the blood fridges.

10. Start Crafting

Your next stop is going to be any settlement with a chem station. The syringes aren't cheap, but if you keep an eye out for the ingredients and tag any you don't have for search, you'll collect a healthy supply of ammo in no time. Be sure to play around with all the syringes, they can have some hilarious results.