Fallout 4 creation kit planned for PC release in April, consoles to follow

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Fallout 4 director Todd Howard confirmed that the game’s official creation kit will be coming to PC first sometime in April, with console releases arriving shortly after that.

Howard couldn’t give a very specific timeframe for the creation kit’s release, but he did say it should launch at some point between the releases of the first two DLC packs, Automatron and Wasteland Workshop, which, as previously reported, are set to arrive in March and April respectively. According to Howard, the kit will then come to Xbox One sometime in May, around the same time as the game’s third DLC pack, Far Harbor, and finally to PlayStation 4 sometime in June.

While there are already plenty of unofficial mods for Fallout 4’s PC version, the creation kit will contain many of the same tools which Bethesda used to construct the base game, and it will also allow mod creators to port their mods over to other platforms, which means Fallout 4’s console versions will (theoretically) be able to utilize both mods created through the creation kit as well as any existing mods that already exist on PC (as long as the mod’s creator is willing to transfer it into the creation kit).