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Fallout 4: A Complete Guide to Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads are one of the key collectibles in Fallout 4, and finding each of the jolly little Vault-Boys gives you a massive bonus to your stats and skills with almost every weapon. The challenge is that not only are the bobbleheads particularly hard to find in a world as large as the Commonwealth, but they're also often surrounded by some of the toughest enemies and obstacles in the game.

There are seven bobbleheads that give you an immediate +1 to one of your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats as well as thirteen more that give various bonuses to weapon skills and equipment.

To help you along your quest to get a fancy achievement and build the toughest character around, we've compiled a list of every Vault-Tec Bobblehead's location as well as how to find them and pick them up without dying.


Museum of Freedom

+1 to Perception Stat

The Perception Bobblehead is likely the first bobblehead you'll find in your travels. It's located in the Museum of Freedom on a desk in the room where you meet Preston Garvey. Blast your way through the historic hallways and the multitude of raiders to the top floor and enter the room when prompted, then pick up the bobblehead for a permanent +1 to your Perception stat.


Corvega Assembly Plant

+10% Duration of Fusion Cores

Just southeast of the Museum of Freedom you'll find the Corvega Assembly Plant. Be mindful of the large number of raiders in the area; they're squishy enough that even low level characters can clear the area with a little effort, but they're still packing enough numbers that they can drop your health if you aren't paying attention.

Fortunately, for this bobblehead you never even have to actually enter the facility. Head up to the very tip top of the main factory building using the various stairs and catwalks and you'll find the Repair bobblehead waiting for you, along with a fantastic scenic view. The Repair bobblehead gives you a 10% increase in the lifespan of your Fusion Cores, making power armor just that much more effective.

Speech (Linked to the Main Story)

Park Street Station/Vault 114

All vendors have 100 more caps for Bartering

Park Street Station is located in the thick of downtown Boston just west of the Fallen Skybridge. You'll be able to explore Park Street to your hearts content despite the number of enemies that say otherwise, but Vault 114 is locked until you proceed with the main story quest.

To gain access to Vault 114 you'll need to start the quest “Unlucky Valentine,” which becomes available once you progress a little way down the main quest line. The quest will fire you like an arrow directly to the Speech bobblehead; once you find your Valentine you can snag the Speech bobblehead off of his desk.

Energy Weapons (Linked to the Main Story)

Fort Hagen

+25% Critical Damage with Energy Weapons

Fort Hagen is located midway down the West side of the map in a straight line south from Vault 111, just be prepared for a long walk if you plan to navigate there from this direction.

This is another bobblehead tied to the main story quest, albeit quite a bit later along. For the most part just follow your quest marker through the Vault until you enter the Command Center on the lower levels. Keep your eyes peeled for anything that looks like the Vault-Tec regulation cafeteria and you'll find the Energy Weapons bobblehead on a table between two small refrigerators.


Malden Middle School/Vault 75

One extra guess when hacking terminals

The Science bobblehead is buried deep within Vault 75, which is buried shallowly in Malden Middle School. To get in skirt the edge of the building and you'll find a destroyed corner wall that'll give you access to the Malden Middle School Basement. After a short walk you'll see the door to Vault 75.

Vault 75 is a bit tricky to navigate, but the bobblehead is pretty easy to find. First you'll need to make a stop over at the Simulation Range where you'll find a Gunner Commander waiting to forfeit his Vault Lab Access Key Card at gunpoint (or to a set of particularly sticky fingers). Once you have it head straight out from the simulation hallway to the previously locked door. Keep your eyes peeled to the left and you'll see a long hallway with a broken wall terminal. You'll find the Science bobblehead on the corner of a desk at the end of this hallway.


Parson's State Insane Asylum

+1 to Charisma Stat

There are a few hoops to jump through if you want access to Parson's Insane Asylum. You'll have to finish three quests and be at least level 10 to even think about opening its doors. The Asylum is located on the north-eastern side of the map, but it'll drag you halfway across the Commonwealth before letting you inside.

Start by searching out Edward Deegan. He'll be either at the Dugout Inn in Diamond City, the Third Rail in Good Neighbor, hanging out at the market in Bunker Hill, or at the Colonial Taphouse. Pass a Speech check and you'll be on your way to completing Special Deliver, which will then lead into the quest Emogene Takes a Lover, after which you'll start The Secret of Cabot House, which will finally give you access to the Asylum.

This final quest requires you to escort an NPC through the asylum, so be sure to take it slow and carefully. You can also start this questline by killing the guards outside of the asylum, just keep in mind this doesn't seem to trigger it for everybody and you'll still need to search out Edward Deegan anyways.

As far as routes go you're going to want to head upstairs by taking the hallway immediately to your left, then swing through a series of enemy infested rooms, past a few glowing radroaches and down another set of stairs back to the first floor and into the room with the quest marker. The Charisma bobblehead on a nearby desk.


Sangus Ironworks

+15% damage with Explosives

Sangus Ironworks is just south of Parson's State Insane Asylum and a short walk North from the Finch Farm Settlement. There's a quest to open Finch Farm as a settlement that's worth grabbing since collecting the bobblehead requires you to run down the exact road the quest takes you on anyway. Just be cautious, the Forged are fire-obsessed raiders that tend to use a lot of explosives and flamethrowers in a way that can eat through your stimpaks in a hurry.

Head up to the third floor of the Ironworks and burn your way to a set of blue doors that will lead you to the Sangus Blast Furnace. You'll have to go through a pretty difficult boss fight as soon as you enter the Furnace, but once the flames die down head up to the platform Slag was preaching from and the Explosives bobblehead will be on top of a control box on the wall.  Be sure to pick up the Picket Fences Magazine on the ground to the right of the bobblehead for a host of new things to build at your Settlement.


Trinity Tower

Increases Critical Damage with Melee Weapons by 25%

Trinity Tower is easily the largest building in Boston, and it's pretty easy to spot once you get reasonably close. It's actually not hard to clear despite the number of super mutants roaming around, but bring your favorite high damage gun for the big boy upstairs.

You'll need to make your way up to the top floor of the tower through two elevators and a small mountain of enemies. Once you're up top deal with Fist and his load of groupies and look for the small side room behind a locked door. The door can be unlocked either via a master lockpicking check for some extra experience, or via the key located in the loot chest just to the left of the room with the prisoners. The bobblehead is on the table just behind where Strong is standing, and it's worth waiting for him to get out of the way before moving in.


Boston Public Library

+1 to Intelligence Stat

The Boston Public Library is just a short stroll West of the Trinity Tower, but getting inside requires that you head down into Copley Station through an access door just below the outer perimeter of the library, fight your way through a few waves of enemies, and enter the library through a set of blue double doors to the left of the subway loading area.

Once inside head up the main set of stairs and into the room directly across from the stairs. You'll find yourself a chained door with no way to unlock it from this side. Head down into the courtyard through the hole in the wall to the left, through another hole in the wall across the courtyard, up a staircase made from a collapsed ceiling, and loop around back in the direction of the chained door. You'll find the Intelligence bobblehead on a control console at the end of a large vaulted hall guarded by a massive group of super mutants and robots duking it out.


Pickman Gallery

Makes Lockpicking Easier

The Lockpicking bobblehead is located below the Pickman Gallery in North Boston. Be ready to cut down a small horde of raiders in a relatively cramped environment as soon as you open the door. The Pickman Gallery is multifloored and easy to navigate but doesn't provide a whole heck of a lot of cover as you move from floor to floor.

Head up to the top floor and hang a sharp right into the first bedroom, crawl through the hole in the wall and drop down through a series of smaller tunnels. Clear the area at your leisure and you'll eventually meet Pickman in a small columned room you have to drop into. The Lockpicking bobblehead is on the ground beside a trash can in the center of the room. Snag it for an all around easier time picking locks in the future.


Mass Fusion Building

+1 to Strength Stat

Our next stop is the Mass Fusion Building in the Northern Financial District of Boston. This area is absolutely swarmed with Gunners, so if you're a lower level consider beefing up before tackling this area.

The Mass Fusion building earned it's title largely based on its size, and our goal is on the fifth level, which is the highest you can go without an active quest to unlock a key door. Just keep to cover and steadily wipe out the enemy Gunners as safely as you can. Be especially careful of the Gunner Commander on the fifth floor, as he has a perfect line of sight on our goal and he's perfectly happy filling you with holes while you're looking for bobbleheads. Once the area is clear look around for a surprisingly comfy looking couch in front of the reception desk on this level, hop on top of the couch and peek over the edge, and the boblehead will be yours.


Vault 81

+10% to Healing

Vault 81 southeast of Boston is our next stop, but unfortunately this bobblehead takes a bit of special tinkering to reach. First, just to enter the Vault you'll need to get your hands on a few spare Fusion Cores, which you can either find scrapping around the wasteland or pick up from a merchant if you have plenty of spare caps lying around. Either way, once you have three head into Vault 81. It's a heavy toll to pay but worth it to gain access to the Vault.

Once you're in you need to make your way down an elevator into the Vault proper. First you'll need to head to the hydroponics lab to speak to Dr. Penske, then jaunt over to the medical bay to speak with the two Vault Doctors there, and donate a bit of blood for the cause if you're into that sort of thing. Your next stop is to head down to the Reactor to speak to the Vault Dweller Bobby and his sister. Once you're finished with that you'll need to leave the Vault entirely for 24 hours.

It's best to find someplace to sleep or wait the time away. Be aware that there is a conveniently placed chair just outside of the Vault by the campfire but for some reason this area is still considered part of Vault 81, which means if you wait there you won't trigger the quest. You'll need to fast travel to a nearby settlement entirely and wait or sleep in a location that is for sure not part of the Vault. 

Once enough time has passed head back to the med bay and listen to the Doctors and Bobby discussing a crisis in the Vault. Once they're finished you'll be given the quest, “Hole in the Wall,” which will give you access to Secret Vault 81, the actual location of the Medicine bobblehead. Bring plenty of ammo because this section is a bit of a doozy in terms of length. You'll be primarily fighting mutated wildlife so consider bringing a flamer to spice things up. As far as navigation goes just follow the quest markers until you find Curie. She's the primary goal for the quest and the bobblehead is right behind her on the desk in her lab.


Dunwich Borers

10% Harder to Detect

Dunwich Borers is located almost directly east of Sanctuary but is a fair distance across the map. Once you get there you'll have to clear a group of raiders patrolling the area as well as a number of turrets guarding the catwalks. Take your time to snipe as many as you can before heading into the quarry proper. Once inside fight your way past the hordes of ghouls to the very bottom of the quarry where the fog effects are thickest.

This is fittingly the hardest bobblehead to find because of the dark nature of the quarry, just be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the circuit breakers spaced sporadically among the blasted bits of feral ghoul you encounter. Activating these will light up the area and make it much easier to spot landmarks, but they may wake up any sleeping reavers in the area.

As you make your way down through the quarry you'll eventually find a small fire next to a workbench with a copy of Astoundingly Awesome Tales on it. Continue along this path and you'll see a blue door with a circuit breaker placed just behind. Keep to the right as you move forward and you'll run almost smack dab into another circuit breaker. Hit it and look to your right and you'll see a small terminal attached to the wall along with the Sneak bobblehead on the table beside it.


Longneck Lukowski's Cannery

5% Better Prices When Buying

Longneck Lukowski's Cannery is on the far east side of the Commonwealth right where things start to get more dangerous, but luckily it's more of a battle to get to the Cannery at all than it is to find the bobblehead once you get inside.

Enter through the main doors and skip past the gabbers in the front office to the factory proper. Double back along the catwalks towards the lit corner office at the top of the factory and you'll be rewarded with the Barter bobblehead, plus a copy of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor for your trouble.

Big Guns 

Vault 95

+25% to critical damage with Big Guns

Now it's time to head way South to Vault 95. This can be a tough Vault if you're low level, so unless your build is entirely based around Big Guns you should skip it until you've got the gear and the perks to take down some tougher enemies. It's worthwhile to clear out the surrounding area outside the Vault, then fast travel back later with your Power Armor and as big a gun as you can find. It'll make surviving a whole heck of a lot easier, especially if you play on any difficulty above normal.

When you enter the atrium immediately swing a right into the residential district, head down the stairs, and then take the second corridor on your right. Hop the barrier then stay the right again. In the back bedroom clear out the Gunner Sergeant and the Big Guns bobblehead is waiting for you on the radio in the center of the room.

Small Guns 

Gunner's Plaza

+25% to critical damage with ballistic weapons

Next on the list is Small Guns and this time we'll be heading east of Vault 95 to Gunner's Plaza, another pretty challenging area to tackle at low level, so plan accordingly.

The easiest way to gain access to the building is to sneak around to the west side and up the fire escape. If you can take out the sniper and his two lackeys on the roof silently you can get in with barely a whisper through the freight elevator in the back. There's also a fusion core in the small shed on the roof which is always worth picking up.

Once inside take an immediate right and head up the stairs. You're going to need to kill or pickpocket a key off of Ryder for the elevator giving you access to the next floor. Once you have the key head back down and move down the other path to the far right we avoided earlier to the elevator at the end of the hall.

Once you're in the upper region clear out any and all Gunners in the area while moving forward to the broadcast room. Inside you'll find a small group of tough-as-nails enemies and, more importantly, the Small Guns bobblehead on the main newsdesk


Atom Cats Garage

Increases critical damage with unarmed attacks by 25%

The Unarmed bobblehead can be found way down in the southeastern corner of the map at the Atom Cats Garage, and luckily it's an easy find that's more of a reward just for making it past the significantly tougher enemies in this portion of the map than anything else.

The bobblehead is just past the gate sitting on top of a car in the barn out back.


Poseidon Energy

+1 to Endurance Stat

Next we're taking a little stroll south to Poseidon Energy for the Endurance bobblehead. Be aware that any and all enemies in this area are going to be serious baddies so you'll want to either save this one for a late game scavenge or save up some fusion cores to power through with everyone's favorite one man army.

Again your best bet is to enter in through the roof, just be aware that you'll need a master level lockpick skill to make it through this particular door. The bobblehead is really close to the roof access door and you only need to run down a few sets of stairs into the main factory office to find it on a desk to the left. There's even a bonus Tesla Science magazine waiting along with it. The only challenge is the extremely angry band of raiders and their even angrier power armor-toting boss that occupy this office. Handle them however you see fit and the Endurance Bobblehead is yours.


Wreck of the FMS Northern Star

+1 to Agility Stat

Our next stop is the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star, which is still in this little southeastern pocket of the Wasteland we've been wandering. Be aware that this area has quite a bit of pitched fighting and can be a serious challenge for low level players, so sprint through at your own risk.

You can enter the ship by skirting the shipping containers and fencing on the far right side and entering through the slightly less obvious hole towards the back end of the ship. You'll need to blast your way through a few high tier mirelurks to make it to the deck of the ship. You'll then have to fight your way past a small group of tough raiders with a challenging boss at the end. Once they're dealt with make your way to the very tip of the platform the boss was using for cover and you'll find the Agility bobblehead balancing carefully on the edge, ripe for the swiping. 


Spectacle Island

+1 to Luck Stat

Ready to get wet? Our final location is Spectacle Island, which requires a bit of a swim to get to. Grab a hazmat suit or a handful of Rad-X and start paddling.

Once you get on the island head to the southernmost tip and board the wrecked ship with the green steam stack. Climb up to the second layer of the deck and you'll find the Luck bobblehead secreted away in a small locker on the back wall.

And there you go! Once you have them all, make sure to craft a bobblehead display case in your favorite settlement, to show off your glorious collection.