Fallout 4: Character Builds, Play Styles, and Game Plans

The Fallout franchise is well established as a game that allows multiple approaches to any situation. If you like to keep things up close and personal, grab a Powerfist and “kachunk” your way through enemies large and small. If you're more the type to silently ventilate skulls from a remarkable distance, swipe a StealthBoy, throw your agility and perception to the max and you're good to go. There's no right way to get something done, but there is your way, which is all you'll ever need.

With Fallout 4 just around the corner it seemed appropriate to do a roundup of how GameCrate's writers and friends plan to survive in this particular post-nuclear-sandbox. We used the tools over at Vault111.com combined with the perk list over at orcz.com to plan and spec out some character builds to meet our particular styles. You can also build your character right now using this new tool from rpg-gaming.com

Dirk Libbey, “The Lone Survivor”

“The wasteland is difficult and complicated place. This is why I try not to be overly critical of the way anybody chooses to survive. I keep my speech skills high so that I can explain to the various people I come across that I am merely a wanderer looking for my own place in the world. I mean you absolutely no harm. I have no interest in interfering in whatever it is that you call a life. No, really I’m going to have to insist that you leave me alone. It’s in your best interest, trust me. And then when that doesn’t work I drop into V.A.T.S. and blow off their kneecaps.”

Recommended S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats

S:1 P: 9 E: 3 C: 9 I: 1 A: 3 L: 2

Dirk is focused on a highly diplomatic build so he never has to draw his gun, much less pull the trigger, but when push comes to shove he wants the ability to clear a room, or at least fill it with the renovated body parts of anyone that gets in his way.

Charisma and Perception are the two big hinges on this build. Both can be boosted by finding a bobblehead or taking a single training perk to access level 10 perks. Charisma at nine should give Stephen plenty of options as far as dialogue goes and the ability to potentially intimidate his way out of sticky situations at the drop of a hat. Additionally, a Charisma of nine means he'll have access to the Lone Wanderer perk, giving him bonuses to damage and survivability while running solo.

With a Perception of nine Dirk will be able to notice (and avoid) most enemies before they even know he's around. Additionally he'll have access to the Penetrator perk, giving him a near supernatural ability to sense kneecaps in V.A.T.S. despite walls and other obstacles. As a final bonus he'll be able to access Concentrated Fire once his Perception hits 10, increasing his accuracy while shooting at specific limbs with every repeated attempt.

By throwing Agility at three he'll open up his weapon options to automatic rifles and pistols while also picking up an all-access pass to sneak related perks, making it even easier to avoid sticky situations. The Agility score will also give him a bonus to his AP pool.

Bragdon Bester, “The Local Leader”

“I am really excited about the crafting and settlement building aspects, so my character is going to be have enough Strength for armor crafting (at least three I think), Charisma six so I have access to the Local Leader perk for settlement building, and finally I think Intelligence at least six for the other crafting shenanigans.”

Recommended S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats

S:3 P:3 E:2 C:6 I:6 A:3 L:5

Bragdon's build is all about making the most out of Fallout 4's settlement system, which means he's going to need a really balanced build to both be able to craft and to make sure he can scrounge for scraps without winding up dead.

Along with all the stats Bragdon himself listed out we poured plenty of points into Luck which should give him an extra boost while attracting NPCs and wanderers to his settlement.

Setting both Perception and Agility at 3 will give him access to the Sneak perk tree and set him only one point away from easy access to the Lockpicking perk. With his high Intelligence he already has access to the Hacker perk so he shouldn't find locks to be a significant obstacle, but it'll be nice to have both so he can gain access to all of the juiciest scrap.

Dennis Kralik, “The Gunslinger”

“It’s been a while since I played Fallout Vegas but one of my favorite guns was the Blade Runner gun, just known as “That Gun.” I also loved the tri-beam laser rifle and the various assault rifles. It really comes down to which has the most ammo and what drops the most from the enemies I’m fighting at the time. I’m usually a medium-range assault style gamer, I like to take out targets before they ever get close enough to melee; hopefully before they can shoot back.”

“I wouldn’t say I’m a stealthy player but I will use the game's environment to my advantage, like running around cars to confuse deathclaws.”

Recommended S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats

S:4 P:5 E:3 C:1 I:6 A:6 L:3

Dennis' playstyle is focused on keeping enemies just out of range and continually kiting them around environmental cover. As far as combat goes he'll likely base his damage on an “Anything that comes to hand,” set of weapons until he can pick a favorite assault rifle or pistol. Dennis is focusing on survivalist combat at its best. It might be rough, it might be tumble, but it'll get the job done.

Dennis' ideal build focuses on opening up his weapon options early. He'll have immediate access to damage boosts for semi and fully automatic rifles, pistols, explosives and the ability to build weapons and weapon mods for both energy and gunpowder based technology across the board.

Additionally a Luck of three will give him access to the Scrounger perk, immediately increasing his chances of finding ammo so he'll never find his clip empty.

Finally, we've given him an Agility of six to both give him plenty of AP to open fire or sprint and to unlock the Moving Target perk tree, which will give him a healthy bonus to survivability if the rads hit the fan and he needs to either book it to cover or make a tactical retreat.

Christopher Turrubiate, “The Roleplayer”

“Normally on my first play through of the game I model the character to be skilled in the same things I am. So Intelligence, Charisma, and a little bit of Strength. I don’t know how to lock pick in real life, so safes and locked doors are going to remain that way, unless you can break them down with your NUCLEAR weapons this time, or reach inside a half disintegrated door to unlock it on the other side. I answer dialogue and navigate situations as I really would in any given situation, and sometimes that’s running away screaming like a little girl. Usually I stick with energy weapons, plasma preferred. Can’t wait to fiddle with the gun customization. So hyped.”

“After I’ve beaten the game thoroughly I’ll usually go in and model the wanderer after a character I enjoy from literature, movies, etc. Luck-based Matt Cauthon, with just a spear and the luck of the dark one on his side. Hopefully one day there will be dual wield mod, and I can do a run as Roland Deschain.”

Recommended S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats

S:4 P:3 E:2 C:6 I:9 A:1 L:3

Christopher plans to jump in as a true blue RP dive, giving himself all of the skills and abilities he has in the real world and roleplaying as the only person we ever really do, ourselves.

A strength of four and an intelligence of nine will open up all of the weapon mod perks Christopher is interested in and will also give him access to perks giving boosts to plasma weapons and energy weapons across the board. After that most of Christopher's stats are spread out pretty evenly, although we intentionally sacrificed a small amount of Agility for an extra boost to Perception. This makes it possible for him to take Rifleman right off the back, which should give him a leg up for his weapons of choice.

A Perception of three will give him access to the Awareness a perk that allows a player to see an enemy's strengths and weaknesses from a distance. Obviously if you see a deathclaw you know you should run, and with Awareness you'll be able to tell if that radroach is a tier one boot squish or a tier ten master-roach plotting the murder of the entire human race. 

Christopher Atwood, (My Build) “The Mad One”

I've always found myself attracted to the concept of running a character as a full blown mad scientist, but due to a general fondness for everything gunpowder-based or explosive it's always remained tantalizingly out of reach. That all changes with Fallout 4, as I plan to roleplay a scientist driven mad by the loss of his family, with a special focus on creating and implementing weapons that defy all logic in a setting where only the strong are meant to survive. That means cranking the difficulty high, and if possible attaching a rubber ducky to my semi-automatic gatling laser while shouting science-themed puns that will confound and enchant my enemies and my friends.

My Build

S:5 P:2 E:3 C:6 I:9 A:1 L:2

A Strength of five and a Perception of two will open up both Big Guns and Semi Automatics as combat skills, giving me a chance to use a wide range of the energy weapons on the market while holding out for something fancy that I can attach my rubber ducky to. Additionally, thanks to my Strength as well as my Intelligence, I'll immediately have access to both weapon and armor modding across multiple genres, giving life to my mad inventions.

An Endurance of three gives me access to a slightly boosted health pool and allows for me to take the Life Giver perk at my leisure for a much-needed health boost against tough enemies on heavier difficulties.

Every scientist needs a laboratory and minions to aid him in spreading his inventions across the land, and with a charisma of six I'll be able to inspire the populace with Local Leader. It also leaves me just a short jump away from perks like Wasteland Whisperer and Intimidation, making my chemistry puns so absolutely charming that enemies will either switch sides on the spot or run away in terror.

How do you plan to play Fallout 4? Let us know in the comments below!