Fallout 4’s revamped survival mode is coming to Steam beta next week

The more brutal survival mode which Bethesda revealed last month will soon be available for testing on PC via Steam’s beta program.

Bethesda confirmed the survival mode update’s imminent Steam beta release via a recent tweet, though it sadly couldn’t provide a more specific release window other than “next week.” It’s also not clear how long the Steam beta testing phase will last, but if beta testers don’t find any glaring issues, hopefully Fallout 4 players on all platforms will be able to test themselves in survival mode’s harsher conditions before long.

In other Fallout 4 news, the game’s first DLC pack, the robot-focused Automatron, is now available on all platforms as both a standalone purchase and as part of the game’s season pass. Automatron will be followed by the Wasteland Workshop DLC in April, and the game’s first story expansion DLC, Far Harbor, in May.