Fallout 4’s Nuka-World DLC will apparently be even bigger than Far Harbor

Later this month, Bethesda will be releasing the final piece of DLC included in Fallout 4’s season pass, the massive story expansion “Nuka-World” which allows players to explore a giant abandoned theme park and, if they want, join a faction of raiders. According to a recent listing of the expansion’s total file size, it will also apparently be an even more expansive experience than Fallout 4’s previous story expansion, Far Harbor.

A new listing for Nuka-World recently appeared on SteamDB, confirming that, when it launches, Nuka-World will take up 3.66GB of hard drive space. Since Far Harbor weighed in at only 2.7GB, this means that Nuka-World will potentially be Fallout 4’s largest expansion to date, though it’s obviously unclear whether the expansion’s larger file size is due to an increased landmass which players can explore, or simply an increased amount of ancillary assets like new weapons, creatures, quests, etc. We already know from previous coverage that players will get to explore several different areas of the park, but we don’t yet know just how expansive each individual area will be.

A specific release date for Nuka-World hasn’t yet been confirmed, but it is expected to arrive at some point later in August.