Fallout 4’s Far Harbor expansion gets a trailer and a release date

Bethesda has finally confirmed the exact day on which Fallout 4 players will be able to download and play the game’s first major expansion: Far Harbor.

The Far Harbor expansion, which is set to launch on May 19, will take players to the titular new region, which is located on the coast of Maine, as they search for a Valentine Detective Agency client’s missing daughter. Once they arrive, players will encounter distrustful locals, terrifying mutated creatures, and a brand new storyline which, judging from the expansion’s new trailer, somehow involves a cult (though doesn’t it always?).

Those who purchased the Fallout 4 season pass will be able to download Far Harbor for free, and it will also be offered as a standalone purchase for those who didn’t care for the previous Automatron and Wasteland Workshop DLC packs. You can watch the full Far Harbor trailer below.