Fallout 4’s Automatron DLC pack arrives next week

Starting next week, Fallout 4 players will have plenty of new reasons to venture back into the Capitol Wasteland when the game’s first DLC pack, Automatron, is released, and they’ll all revolve around robots.

That’s because the DLC pack, which will cost $9.99 as a standalone purchase and free to season pass owners, will allow players to battle a horde of evil robots which have been unleashed by a mysterious new foe who calls themself The Mechanist. Defeating The Mechanist’s robotic minions will allow players to salvage their parts and use those parts to build their own robotic companions, customizing their limbs, body/armor types, weaponry, paint scheme and even voices.

According to Bethesda’s official announcement, Automatron is designed for characters who are at least level 15, so you sadly won’t be able to dive right into the DLC’s new content with a fresh character. Those who do meet the requisite level requirement, however, will be able to sample Automatron for themselves starting on Tuesday, March 22.

You can watch a new announcement trailer for Automatron below.