Fallout 4 Mods of the Week: Pitching Machine, Immersive Vendors, and Dogmeat's Backpack

We've featured a massive number of mods in these articles since Fallout 4's release but, with as cool as they all are, it's humbling to think that all of this has so far progressed without any kind of dedicated modding toolkit.  Of course, now we know that the G.E.C.K. will find it's way to the dexterous hands of modders everywhere sometime this April and it's exciting to think what kind of whacky, intricate, and innovative mods we'll find rolling out when talented modders finally get their hands on a set of serious development tools. For now, there are still a number of quality mods rolling out every day, so here are our picks for the Mods of the Week.


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There are a number of wild weapons in Vanilla Fallout 4 that fire everything from cannonballs to wads of hundred dollar bills – heck, we've even seen weapons that make Shaun the primary ammunition – but sometimes we like to take things back a little and return to a simpler time. A time when the air was full of the sounds of bats striking kneecaps and baseballs crushing skulls – the good ol' days of swatting. Of course, there’s a noticeably short number of ranged weapons that specialize in killing your enemies with baseballs. Sure, the junk jet can get the job done, but it lacks style and pizzazz.

M's Pitching Machine mod, on the other hand, has style, pizzazz, and baseball murder for days. As you'd expect, PitchingMachine adds a whole new custom weapon that loads up the bases and sends the home team packing, one strike at a time. You can craft the Pitching Machine and the baseballs it fires at any chemistry station across the Commonwealth. We suggest playing a good ol' game of catch with your long lost son once you finally find him. 

Outfit Switcher – Hotkey Loadouts

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Managing your Wardrobe in Fallout 4 is a bit of a mess. With individual armor pieces for both arms, both legs, your torso, your head, and number of cosmetic items smeared all over your face and under your combat armor, it can be a real pain to switch back and forth through a variety of gear sets for different situations. Wouldn't it be nice if swapping between your Charisma gear and your beefy lifesaving combat armor was as easy as a single click? Well, thanks to registrator2000, switching your outfits between casual, formal, and time-to-murder-an-entire-scientific-community is easier than ever before.

Outfit Switcher - Hotkey Loadouts adds two new items to your inventory under the Aid section – Outfit Switcher and Outfit Configurator. Using the latter allows you to assign a set of gear to a specific loadout item (up to five of which can be crafted at a Chemistry station), and using the former swaps between each assigned loadout. It's a fantastically convenient mod that saves a lot of time fumbling around Fallout 4's inventory screen and makes it so you're rarely panicking trying to equip your best gear while an army of Synths is bearing down on your position.

Settlement Objects Expansion Pack

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Mods that add more options to the settlements menu are hardly a new thing to the modding community, but ccmads' Settlement Objects Expansion Pack caught our eye because of the sheer variety of options it adds to your repertoire. Choose from things like the massive sealed door from The Castle, to a number of glowing Institute structures – our favorites are the command station style glowing screens that allow you to add a bit of technological evil overlord flair to any ensemble.

Settlement Objects Expansion Pack covers all the basics as well as a number of highly advanced settlements items all in a single mod. That makes it the perfect option for someone just lightly getting started in modding Fallout 4, but with enough complexities to make it worthwhile to pick up just to cut down on your load order for the more experienced players out there.

Tactical Weapon Lamps – BETA

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With all of the weapon mods in Fallout 4, it came as a bit of surprise that Bethesda didn't add a few basic, useful items to their repertoire before release. We can understand that there might be a few barriers to creating functional laser sights and underslung grenade launchers packing mini nukes, but a basic flashlight taped to the bottom of our combat rifle doesn't seem too hard – especially considering they already have built in flashlights in power armor.

Of course, it's little details like this that modders are quick to add to the game, and Tactical Weapon Lanterns by DOOM fills out a long list of tactical flashlights for a number of weapons, giving you a number of options aside from your flimsy Pip-Boy light to work with as you pick your way through the ruins of the Commonwealth.

Immersive Vendors

Via NexusMods 

Managing a trade empire in the Commonwealth is surprisingly boring, especially when all of your shops, and the settlers that manage them, look boring and barren despite the thousands of caps you've invested in them. Immersive Vendors by Xgrufijury does its best to fix that problem by modifying the vanilla trade stalls at your settlements so that they look truly stocked, locked, and ready for business.

Each trade stall now has a number of shelves and multiple layers of items to make it easier and much more immersive to approach one of your vendors. Higher-level shops have even more items and increased complexity to the displays, making it worthwhile to upgrade just to give your settlement a bit of extra flair when merchants roll through the front gates and find that they've truly entered the trade empire you've been dreaming of.

Dogmeat's Backpack

Via NexusMods 

One of the admittedly hilarious, yet undeniably questionable aspects of Dogmeat is how he manages to carry upwards of a hundred pounds of equipment while still maintaining his slim figure and low carb lifestyle. The general fan theory is that our intrepid canine companion swallows any and all items you give him, regurgitating them on command – something further reinforced when Dogmeat pauses and opens his mouth wide before accepting items. Possible, but disturbing when you think about feeding a Fat Man to your dog.

To create a slightly less disgusting, lore-friendly alternative, modder Higeyosi created Dogmeat's Backpack. Which, as the name suggests, adds several high-quality doggy saddlebags to Fallout 4 that can be equipped to give Dogmeat increased carrying capacity, and to somehow make him look even more adorable as he flies through the air intent on ripping out some poor Raider's throat.

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