Fallout 4 Mods of the Week: Macho Man, Wearable Jetpacks, and the Four Seasons

Fans and modders alike are kicking off the new year right with whole slew of new and interesting mods to make Fallout 4 better than ever.

Macho Claws

Via NexusMods

A throwback to one of the most beloved mods of Fallout 3, Macho Claws has taken the modding spectrum by storm by adding a bit of everyone's favorite elite wrestler to the game. Once installed every Deathclaw will look and sound like Macho Man Randy Savage about to lay the beat down on unsuspecting wastelanders.

The genius primadonnas that gave us all the terrifying glory of Macho Claws are modders FancyPants and AronaxAE, who conceived the idea whilst roaming the commonwealth pondering deep philosophical questions such as, "Why do Molerats dig so much?" and "Why is this person stuck in a wall?" Eventually this pondering led them to the only place these thoughts can: “Why is there so little Randy Savage in this game?” Fortunately through their combined powers the two intrepid wasteland philosophers were able to bring us the terrifying sight of Macho Man Randy Savage's skin stretched tight over the skeletal frame of a Deathclaw.

Snap'n Build

Via NexusMods

Snap'n Build by ad3d0 adds a metric ton of buildable structures to the settlement system that you can find across the commonwealth but that were mysteriously cut from settlement building system. Things like greenhouses, industrial steel bridges, and many of the military capsules are now available for player use.

The items added to the settlement system are all located under their own unique tab with variations based off of Vault-Tec, Institute, Brotherhood of Steel, and Vanilla themes. Additionally the individual parts can all be snapped into place in exactly the same manner as many of the default settlement floors and stairs, making building with them a breeze. Just keep in mind that your settlers might have absolutely no flipping idea how to navigate the bulk of these models, so they're better used to make a personal base or something along those lines.

Fallout 4 Seasons Project

Via NexusMods

Fallout 4 has an immensely detailed world full to the brim with everything that you'd expect to see in a nuclear wasteland except for you know, seasons. Despite the fact that Fallout 4 has a pretty accurate calender that takes into account for things like Christmas and New Year, it lacks the ability to actually change as the months roll by, a small touch in the grand scheme of things but something that would do a lot to make the world even more of a living, breathing landscape.

Fortunately the modder GameDuchess has come to the rescue with the Fallout 4 Seasons Project, which seeks to adapt the wasteland to each and every season at the player's leisure. Currently you can only manually swap the seasons, but GameDuchess promises that once the G.E.C.K. releases that the mod will feature dynamically shifting seasons based on the in-game calendar. Hopefully we'll see a host of companion mods that'll make this mod more than just cosmetic.

Personal Jetpack

Via NexusMods

Let's face it, jetpacks are cool. The mobility, the flames, and the ability to fly away from annoying situations are all good things. Of course in Fallout 4 the only way to use a jetpack is to strap one to your Power Armor, but occasionally you just might want a jetpack for casual use. Something small and light that can carry you away from Preston Garvey and his incessant blathering about settlements in trouble without the need to jump into a walking tank.

That's where Personal Jetpack by idlesheep comes in. This delightful mod adds the ability to craft a fully functioning jetpack that can be strapped to your back no matter your personal taste in armor. The mod is completely lore friendly, requiring both the specific perks and items that the default Power Armor jetpack requires to craft. Once you have your hands on it you're just a few clicks away from soaring through the air at any given moment, transforming combat from a largely horizontal experience to a vertical one in seconds.

Minutemen OverHaul

Via NexusMods

As much as we occasionally joke about Preston Garvey and the Minutemen, in general they're still one of the coolest factions in Fallout 4's universe, representing one of the few groups that are genuinely interested in the good of the entire commonwealth rather than exploiting it for all it's worth. Of course mods in general are often about taking good things and making them much better.

Minutemen OverHaul by Karel2015  focuses on making the Minutemen a more diverse and ultimately useful tool for their general. This mod encompasses both small tweaks like increasing artillery range and damage, to massive revisions in what items each minutemen patrol spawns with, including custom armor textures and over 120 facial templates. Additionally Minutemen OverHaul allows you to recruit Minutemen mercenaries and even approach random Minutemen patrols and ask that they accompany you on your adventures. It's a mod that turns the Minutemen into the legitimate fighting force they were before they were kicked from their Castle.

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