Everything new in Monster Hunter: World’s 2.0 patch

Monster Hunter: World has been the biggest game of 2018 so far, and series veterans know that developer Capcom likes to keep hunters engaged beyond the typical window for a AAA release by adding lots of free content updates. The game’s first major title update went live last Friday, adding a new monster and some quality-of-life upgrades to the game.

Read on and we’ll fill you in on everything new.

Deviljho, the “World Eater”

The biggest new addition to Monster Hunter: World is a brand-new monster to hunt. Deviljho has appeared in previous Monster Hunter games, but this is its first appearance on a home console since Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U. It’s significantly tougher than other monsters in its class, but the parts it drops can be used to make gear that helps bridge the gap between the midgame and endgame.

Deviljho is a bipedal Brute-class wyvern, affectionately referred to as the “Demon Pickle” by players due to its green coloration and bumpy, oblong appearance. It doesn’t have a single territory it can be found in, and once unlocked can be found in any of World’s five main hunting grounds. Players will have to do some footwork to unleash the beast, but once completed it can be hunted on investigations or expeditions just like any other creature.

To start seeing Deviljho in your game, you’ll need to have completed the investigation into the pink Rathian in the main story. Once the 2.0 update is downloaded and installed, look for another unknown monster (represented by ???) in your expedition list. This can appear in any territory, though I had my first encounter in the Wildspire Wastes. Collect evidence of the beast’s existence (footprints, chipped fangs, etc.) and you’ll eventually run across one in the field. You can fight it now, but may want to avoid it and return to Astera if you’re not prepared.

Be careful: Deviljho is fast, extremely aggressive, and will attack on sight.

Deviljho deals a lot of damage and has many powerful attacks to watch out for. It can pick up smaller monsters and use them as blunt weapons, though you can avoid this by shooing them away with Dung pods before engaging. Several of its more damaging attacks make use of its enormous tail, so try to cut it off to throw Deviljho off-balance. It can also breathe out a noxious gas that deals Dragon element damage and inflicts your hunter with Dragonblight if it hits. Try to avoid this by being behind the head when it exhales or by panic diving (running away and evading) when it breathes at you. If you’re hit by the attack, use a Nulberry to remove the blight effect.

Unlike most monsters, Deviljho will keep attacking when caught in a vine or pitfall trap, so you’ll probably want to use a shock trap if you’re trying to capture the beast. You should also watch for the red streaks that will appear near its face and neck, indicators that it’s in an enraged state and will attack even more aggressively than normal.

After your return, you’ll notice three new researchers in a cluster between the quest board and the research department in the Tradeyard. One will have a blue exclamation point over his head, as seen below. Speaking with them will unlock a Special Assignment on the quest list, and you’ll be tasked with hunting the Deviljho in the Ancient Forest. Completing this assignment rewards you with the Dragonproof Mantle, which is quite useful for avoiding Deviljho’s breath attack.

Deviljho takes extra damage from Thunder and Dragon element weapons, and the parts it drops can be used to make weapons with the Dragon element and high Elderseal capabilities. These are a good choice for dealing with the four Elder Dragon monsters past Nergigante, cutting off access to some of their more devastating abilities. Deviljho armor (found under “Vangis” in the crafting list) has the Latent Power and Partbreaker abilities, making it much easier to get extra drops by targeting specific body parts on your hunts. It’s weak against the thunder and dragon elements though, so you’ll want to wear something else when going after Kirin.

Other enhancements

While Deviljho is the undisputed star of the 2.0 update, several other quality-of-life upgrades were added to Monster Hunter: World with this patch. Players may notice their games load faster, and the size of the game’s subtitles can now be changed in case you have trouble reading them. Your Scoutflies have a slightly longer memory, and their tracking level will decrease less after each hunt. Additionally, every player is eligible for a free appearance-changing voucher, which can be used to change your hunter’s gender if desired. This must be downloaded from the Xbox or PlayStation store, and will then become available once you speak to your housekeeper in-game.

Multiple changes were added to combat players trolling one another by preventing material collection after a hunt. It’s now possible to kick an unruly player from your session, and attacks from allies no longer interrupt your carving animations. What’s more, hunters are now immune to all hit reactions after the main quest target has been defeated, so you can now carve your target even if Bazelgeuse is breathing down your neck.

The other major change added to the 2.0 update concerns the Gathering Hub section of Astera. This is the only section of town where online hunters can interact with one another, but few people take advantage of this since accessing it requires passing through a separate loading screen. The 2.0 update allows players to meet up in the gathering hub after a hunt, bypassing the load screen to get to Astera’s main area. Players should notice the options “Return to Gathering Hub” in single player and “Disband and Return to Gathering Hub” in multiplayer when returning to town after a quest is completed.

There’s plenty more in the pipeline for Monster Hunter fans, including a set of armor resembling Devil May Cry’s Dante and a wider release of Ryu and Sakura costumes for those who don’t already have Street Fighter V data on their consoles. There are rumors that even more monsters will be added to the main game, including a dark, ice element version of Kirin and Lunastra, the female counterpart to Teostra.

It sounds like even the most skillful hunters should have plenty of challenges to face as the year continues.