ESL to hold massive open Street Fighter V event, The Brooklyn Beatdown

One of the premiere e-sports associations, ESL, has announced a new event in their ESL One series today. Entitled “The Brooklyn Beatdown,” the event will be a Street Fighter V tournament to be played out in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center alongside the announced ESL One New York Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition.

This is ESL’s first major fighting game tournament, and they are running it very much in the spirit of the fighting game community with its open brackets, allowing virtual unknowns to come in and have a shot at the big time. The tournament will hold space for 1,024 entrants. Registration is $10 dollars on top of a hefty $39 venue fee. The prize pool is $75,000, though no information has been given as to whether or not registration will add to that pool. You can register for the tournament yourself here, and buy spectator passes here.

In the lead up to The Brooklyn Beatdown, a series of online tournaments will be hosted on ESL Play. Top prizes will include flights and hotel support for the main event, allowing competitors from all over the U.S. to attend.

New York has a long history with the fighting game community. Justin Wong was notorious for practicing Street Fighter at China Town Fair. Other notable New York competitors include Chris G, IFC Yipes, and Sanford Kelly. It’s a good choice of venue to get local fighting gamers to show up and participate, and a great place to scout new talent.

“We’re very excited to bring Street Fighter V to an ESL One event,” said ESL Product Manager Stuart Ewen. “The Street Fighter community contains some of the most legendary players and moments in e-sports history, and we hope that with The Brooklyn Beatdown we’ll be helping to realize and relay many more of these moments to Street Fighter V fans worldwide.”

More information regarding the tournament, registration, and ticketing can be found on the official ESL Brooklyn Beatdown website.