The Elder Scrolls Online is getting a King of the Hill PvP mode

ZeniMax Studios has confirmed that, along with the upcoming Clockwork City paid DLC pack, The Elder Scrolls Online will soon be getting a brand new PvP mode that utilizes a familiar competitive concept.

According to this update post on the Elder Scrolls Online website, the Clockwork City DLC (which allows players to return to the titular city realm of Sotha Sil, a location that was briefly featured in the Mournhold expansion for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind) will include new features such as a conspiracy-themed story campaign, a new 12-player Trial, a new gear transmutation system, and more. The DLC will also be accompanied by a free game update (Update 16), and part of that update will be the ‘Crazy King’ PvP mode, a mode in which teams must capture a single control point that moves around the map.

Neither a price point nor a release date have been confirmed yet for the Clockwork City DLC, but ZeniMax says both it and Update 16 should be arriving relatively soon. The Clockwork City DLC will be entirely standalone and won’t require the recently launched Morrowind expansion for ESO to play.