The Elder Scrolls Online could soon be heading to Vvardenfell

A datamined map reveals that ZeniMax Studios could be planning a big infusion of nostalgia for fans of the series in the form of the Vvardenfell region, the same exact region which was featured in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

While a few parts of Vvardenfell are technically already in Elder Scrolls Online, this recently datamined map shows a more or less complete version of the region which will feature iconic Morrowind landmarks such as the dreaded Red Mountain and cities like Vivec and Ebonheart. Obviously the region won’t be exactly the same as it is in Morrowind (since Elder Scrolls Online is set many years before the time period of the single-player Elder Scrolls games), but the prospect of getting to revisit the region is still exciting nonetheless.

Nothing relating to Vvardenfell has been officially announced by ZeniMax, but fans have also pointed out that this upcoming May will mark the 15th anniversary of Morrowind’s release, making it an ideal time to bring the full Vvardenfell region into The Elder Scrolls Online.