EA is offering Star Wars Battlefront II-themed items in its other games

We’re about a week away from the launch of Star Wars Battlefront II and Electronic Arts is celebrating the impending launch by inserting some Star Wars-themed items into a few of its other titles.

In total, four of EA’s existing games are getting a little Star Wars infusion: NBA Live 18, FIFA 18, NHL 18, and Battlefield 1. For FIFA 18, players can earn some outfits inspired by Star Wars Battlefront II’s Inferno Squad by logging into the game’s Ultimate Team mode before November 28. In NHL 18, players who logged into the Hokey Ultimate Team mode before October 31 will also get some Inferno Squad gear. As for NBA Live 18, players can score some Inferno Squad home and away graphic kits just for logging in, and they can earn more Star Wars-themed gear by participating in limited-time events that will be held until November 14.

Finally, for Battlefield 1 (which was also developed by Star Wars Battlefront II developer DICE), players can earn a free Totokia War Club (also known as a Tuskan Raider Gaffi Stick) melee weapon just for logging in at any point after November 8 (so as of the time of this writing or later).

Star Wars Battlefront II will launch next Friday, November 17, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.