EA and Ubisoft clash over “Ghost” trademark filing

Just over a year ago, Electronic Arts made a formal request to trademark the word “Ghost” for purposes it has kept to itself in the months since. Now, Ubisoft has made an official motion to oppose EA’s trademark claim.

The entire ordeal is filled with a lot of legal mumbo jumbo, but the basic gist of it is that Ubisoft took issue with EA’s trademark filing mainly because EA specifically said in its original claim that it would use the trademark for video games and other entertainment purposes (meaning it would likely make a game with the world “Ghost” somewhere in it). Ubisoft already owns the trademark for the phrase “Ghost Recon” (relating to its Ghost Recon IP), and the company clearly believes that EA’s use of the word Ghost would hit a little too close to home.

EA still hasn’t revealed what it would use the trademark for, and it has until March 9 to formally respond to Ubisoft’s opposition claim. Since Ubisoft has another Ghost Recon title in the works, codenamed “Ghost Recon: Wildlands,” it likely doesn’t want to risk there being any confusion for fans of the IP.