Dreadnought’s PS4 version gets a cooperative horde mode called Havoc

Yager Development, the studio behind the upcoming spaceship-centric competitive shooter game Dreadnought, has added a new mode to the game’s closed PS4 beta: a co-op horde mode called Havoc.

According to Yager, Havoc tasks three players with holding out for as long as they can against endless waves of AI enemies. In between waves, players can use the XP they earn to purchase new upgrades for their ships, and Yager warns that working as a team will be of upmost importance as they enemy AI waves are relentless. Havoc is acting as a sort of “make good” effort since the PS4 version of Dreadnought’s closed beta isn’t as far along as the PC version’s (the PC version has a mode called Onslaught which isn’t available on PS4). The plan is to eventually bring the two versions more closely in line with each other, and part of that plan will be to add Onslaught to the PS4 version and Havoc to the PC version.

A release date for Dreadnought hasn’t yet been announced, but publisher Grey Box has confirmed it will soon start offering founder’s packs for the PS4 beta (the current estimate is that founder’s packs will go on sale as early as next week) so that interested fans can buy their way into the unique space shooter and earn exclusive perks and items for doing so.